Hard Road: The True Believers Reunite

Lost Austin legends the True Believers give it another go.

Part of the agreement for putting the True Believers' rocket back together was that each member would bring in a new song every week. According to all involved, new material has been coming at a furious pace and several tracks are already in the can.

While Javier Escovedo brought in an old song from a previous band, Graham has been writing strictly for True Believers.

"Different job, different tools," he shrugs. "Right now I think it's mostly about efficient use of time, what's ready to go and has the least moving parts."

The True Believers first reunited at a memorial show for late SXSW executive Brent Gulke.
Teresa DiMenno
The True Believers first reunited at a memorial show for late SXSW executive Brent Gulke.


The True Believers play Saturday night with the Footnotes at Warehouse Live (Studio), 813 St. Emanuel, 713-225-5483, Doors open at 7 p.m.

"We function kind of like a family, kind of like we always have," says DeGorio. "The dynamics are pretty evenhanded. If an idea is good, it makes it all the way. I can't even think of an example of a song that never made it.

"Most ideas are brought to the table by one of the main three songwriters — Jon Dee, Javier and Al — and if a song is less than complete, we finish it," he continues. "But believe me, there's no shortage of creativity in this bunch."

With a string of Texas gigs facing them, including Saturday's Warehouse Live show, it's put-up-or-shut-up time for these aging rockers. After the True Believers split up, there was a lot of commentary about their being ahead of their time or that no one at either the labels or in radio was quite sure where the band's sound fit in, given its three powerful, twangy, hard-rocking guitars and numerous nods to punk. Is it possible this second coming is actually the one that may be right for the times?

"Wouldn't that be nice?" Graham remarks. "All I know is there is a master plan that involves seeing what happens. Everyone is so busy, we have to play the long game.

"Patience is required here," he wraps up. "What's so key is that everyone wanted it in the same way — as a band, not as a nostalgic re-enactment."

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These guys used to DESTROY that tiny upstairs room at the Ale House. Then go sleep on Angela Mullan's floor.


I hope they knock the album out of the park.  Their shows with Zeitgeist (later renamed the Reivers for legal reasons) in the mid 80's were some of my favorites during college.

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