The Signature Sandwiches of Bocca Deli Are Fancier Than Usual

Bocca Deli sits on the cusp of change while embracing the now of this north of downtown neighborhood.

Kriticos — who usually mans the register or walks the floor checking on customers and delivering baskets of food — will add any of the sandwich toppings to your burger for no extra cost. I recommend the jalapeños and roasted red peppers with the Swiss cheese, but I prefer to abstain from the peppery chipotle mayo in lieu of the velvety background offered by a single swipe of standard Hellmann's on the soft, wheaty bun.

Although the dining room itself at Bocca Deli is perfectly nice, with a single TV mounted to one wall that plays a steady stream of modern rock at low volume and wrought-iron window coverings that look a bit Keith Haring-esque in their tangled curls, I do wish on these recent cool nights that Bocca Deli had outdoor seating.

I would grab a seat and lounge there with coffee and a brownie à la mode — or maybe just the coffee, depending on how much of the beef-heavy burger I was able to finish — and let myself be captivated by Lindale Park as it is now. Lindale Park on the cusp of change. The long-overlooked northside where vegan taquerias such as Radical Eats and the promise of sleek light-rail lines coexist peacefully with kids in soccer fields, bungalows with shrines to La Virgen in the front yard, and taco trucks cranking out barbacoa and norteño music.

Freshly made, fancier than usual sandwiches are Bocca Deli's signature.
Troy Fields
Freshly made, fancier than usual sandwiches are Bocca Deli's signature.

Location Info


Bocca Deli

4707 Irvington Blvd., B
Houston, TX 77009

Category: Restaurant > Deli

Region: Heights


Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.
Soup of the day: $2.99
Ham sandwich: $6.95
Bocca combo: $6.95
Bocca club: $7.95
Brownie à la mode: $3.95
Cappuccino: $2.89

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Whether you regard Bocca Deli as one of the first buds of an urban spring on the northside or a momentary interloper in an area that's remained very much the same since the 1940s is a matter of perspective. You can't argue about the sandwiches, though. And that's all that matters.

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Dinah Massie
Dinah Massie

My family loves everything on their menu. Food is fresh, prepared carefully and beautifully presented. Without Bocca in the 'hood, I'd be slaving away in the kitchen every night!

Bocca Deli
Bocca Deli

Hello future customers! We clean our grills multiple times daily. The black char you see is from repeated seasoning, just as you would a cast iron pan or grill at home. At Bocca Deli, we pride ourselves on cleanliness and quality. Come give us a try!

jeffbalke topcommenter

Love this place and glad you did too. Lindale Park is freaking awesome.

Dinah Massie
Dinah Massie

Sandwiches, salads, soups, pizza, crab cakes, ice cream, fancy coffees -- it's all good!

Nelo Maciel
Nelo Maciel

^^^this, they just lost a potential customer because of that nasty ass grill

Joe Angel Melchor
Joe Angel Melchor

The sandwiches may be good but that griddle is absolutely disgusting.


Love Bocca Deli! If someone in my family isn't eating there at least three times a week, we're down with the flu. Excellent pizza, crab cakes, wowser ice cream.