Forced Apart

North Texas Judge says lesbian couple can't live in same household with children.

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A couple in McKinney, Texas, has been together for nearly three years. They've been together following one's messy divorce. They've helped raise the two young children that were on the receiving end of the acrimony following that split. After living under the same roof, the couple has, according to one of them, "a very happy and healthy home. Our children are happy and well adjusted."

Judge John Roach Jr.
Judge John Roach Jr.

But earlier this month, a Collin County judge, citing a "morality clause," decided to force one to move from the house in the course of the following 30 days. And while most couples would be able to circumvent such a ruling by getting married, thus abrogating the morality clause the judge cited, the two women in this relationship don't have that option. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Texas. And per Judge John Roach Jr.'s ruling, Page Price and Carolyn Compton will be forced to live separately until the state's gay marriage ban is lifted.

The issue stems from a clause Compton signed following her 2011 divorce from Joshua Compton. According to the morality clause, Compton is not allowed to have anyone with whom she maintains a "dating or intimate relationship" at her house after 9 p.m. when children are present. As the Dallas Voice reports, morality clauses are almost never enforced — and even when they are, they present almost all other couples with the opportunity of marriage, thus nullifying the clause entirely.

However, Roach felt it necessary to enforce the clause — in 2013, we've determined it legally binding to withhold such freedoms? — and ordered Price to find new lodging within 30 days. As the Republican judge said, "It's a general provision for the benefit of the children." Right. For the children.

Compton and Price disagree. As Price wrote on her Facebook, "We will fight it all the way!...It is a clear violation of our civil rights. [The clause] is a burden on parents, regardless of their sexual orientation, that takes away and unreasonably limits their ability to make parental decisions of whom their children may be around and unreasonably limits what the United State Supreme Court has identified as the liberty of thought, belief and expression."

Since Compton's clause does not have any end date, the couple has few options. If they want to live with one another, they will have to either move to another state, one that allows gay marriage; wait until the children have moved out; or bide their time until Texas legalizes gay marriage. While we like to think the last option the most feasible — Texas has the 15th-highest percentage of same-sex couples raising children, after all — this ruling can't help but leave a bad taste in your mouth.

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Stupid is as stupid does.  Never underestimate the stupidity of any given judge at any level in this state.  I am curious as to whether Dad has remarried or if he might find himself on the short end of this same stick.  Probably not since any idiot who would treat his daughters this way will have any number of female admirers (sad to say).


It’s wrong to some and right to others. It’s not the same as a same sex couple residing together and adopting children, these are children that came from heterosexual relationships gone bad.  As in any relationship there is no guarantee that the relationship will last - so even as blissfully happy as this same sex couple is now there’s not guarantee for the stability of the children.  The morality clause of course is enforced when the other parent steps up and says no more an like someone mentioned other, can be resolved by marriage, many times not the best thing as that marriage will end.  The bottom line is this is about the children.  People go through people and it doesn’t matter Heterosexual or homosexual like toilet paper.  It is the children in the long run who lose out.  These children from broken homes (and yes, I am fully aware of that there are very disfunctional homes that aren’t broken) have little security in stability, have difficulty in accepting and understanding parental authority and definitely learn unhealthy relationship habits.  Many of us, or most of us, can count mistakes we’ve made in our lives, our relationships and with our children and I don’t think this court is doing anything wrong - MOST OF THE TIME - the morality clauses are placed in final orders BY AGREEMENT, very few times after a trial by judge or jury is the morality clause placed in the order.  So the bigger issue here is - what was going on at the time that both parents agreed to this and NOW that it is no longer a good thing for one of the parents, it’s an issue?   Our country has no morals and I for one and glad to see someone standing up.  I know there are same sex roommates and had this couple kept their “private life” private and lived as roommates maybe they could still be under the same roof. I do not think it’s right to expose children to homosexual relationships in that aspect. Children are still being shaped and molded.  Our children already reside in an entitlement society that has no morals.    We all have obstacles to face especially those of divorce and those with children. I do think it’s wrong however that the children are subjected to full blown homosexual relationships.  Two adults in a family unit relationship should be married and marriage is for a man and a woman, unity for God’s purpose.  I don’t think that Texas will find same sex marriage acceptable, but they can create Civil Unions to umbrella the same sex community, atheists and agnostics. When that comes around we believers of heterosexual relationships won’t have the marriage argument anymore, but for now we do and we should stand up for our beliefs, just like these women are standing up for theirs. I personally don’t think this is right and obviously the father of these children has some very strong feelings against same sex relationships, or this issue would’ve never made it to the courtroom - I think that there needs to be some family counseling (there is obviously a lot of conflict), the parents need to find a healthy and workable solution and this needs to stay out of the courts, out the papers - when it comes down to it, the media is only printing what is going to sell papers, we readers don’t know the real story behind it all, we don’t know the details of the argument and we don’t know why the enforcement of a morality clause truly made it to the courtroom.  We are going to bash, praise and subject our opinions, but in the end, children are being subjected to lots of fighting, humiliation, courtroom battles, and public display - what is healthy about that?  There’s always something deeper to a story.


@clbryan05 Just to confirm - you believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman because this is something defined in the Bible?

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Morality clauses are almost universal in divorce settlements involving child custody.  They are storngly enforced if the other spouse brings the issue to the judge's attention.  But, there is no court surveillance of divorced persons...duh...  There is only the lesbian lover's assertion that the home is happy and the children well adjusted and that statement is so self-serving it is riduculous.  


@jb411208 Like we haven't seen divorce court judges make some of the stupidest imaginable decisions that fly in the face of evidence and testimony?  And often the source of the testimony is the kids themselves.  "I'm happy where I'm at with mom and Flora.  Dad just ignores us when we're with him.  Even his newest sweetie pie can't get him to show an interest."


When good seems bad and bad seems good. The end to this world is coming. Only in weirdo America!

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As a Texan of more than 30 years, I'm outraged by this stupid judge. What an idiot.
Is this the level of human we're giving the responsibility of 'judge' to these days? UNbelievable.

You'd think that in hard times like these, judges would be a little more sane. Nope.
Wake up and grow up, Johnny ROACH Junior. Shame on you.

I support the ladies in their fight for freedom. Roach should be ashamed of himself!
Real men don't cause such sorrow. Wake up, Roach!!