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"I'd give it a four on the Bieber scale."

I hold out great hope that all proctology offices will incorporate this highly scientific scale. It's got to be more accurate than those damned happy face/sad face charts, right?

Ask Willie D

Father Hood
A reader has some trouble with her husband, who has almost as many baby mamas as babies.

Willie D

Dear Willie D:

I can't believe I messed around and had a baby by a man who already had three baby mamas — he never told me about the third one. I found that bit of information out when we were at our ten-year-old son's school watching him play in a basketball game. As my husband was coaching the team, out of nowhere a server walked up to him with child-support and custody papers. I was so embarrassed.

When we got home later that night, he swore to me that although he knew about the baby, he didn't believe it was his so he didn't want to have that unnecessary discussion with me. He told me that his first two baby mamas were crazy and they wouldn't let him see his kids. Now he's saying the mystery baby mama is also crazy.

I'm starting to think everything he's ever told me about his past relationships was a lie. He doesn't spend time with any of his kids other than the one he has with me. I'm having serious doubts about his character as a person and a father. His behavior reminds me of a dog who sniffs the rear of every female he sees. What kind of man just goes around sleeping with and impregnating woman after woman? Just thinking about this makes me sick to my stomach.

To his credit, he has been a good provider for my son and me, but I feel bad for the other women involved, and even worse for the children. Am I right to care, or should I just worry about my own set of circumstances?

Embarrassed Wife:

You get major props for at least having a conscience about the welfare of your husband's children and their mothers. A lot of women couldn't care less. Women have to start owning their role in sexing men who make baby after baby with different women. Most people in new relationships are going to lie about their exes to make themselves look good and to minimize the role they played in the breakup.

Your husband deceived you, but what was he supposed to do, take you out for a romantic dinner and say, "Babe, I'm a low-down, good-for-nothing, deadbeat dad running from my responsibilities who's trying to hook up and swell your belly; if you take a chance on me, I promise things will work out"? He told you the other women were crazy, and you took him at his word because you wanted to believe him and you were in love.

Unfortunately, your issue is not isolated. There are a number of trifling men out there who breed like animals. Some of them even think it's funny or cool to boast about it. They see it as a badge of honor.

Although he hasn't bothered to participate in the upbringing of any of his kids before the one he shares with you, as you said, he's a good provider for your son, so that's a good thing. It's confirmation that you can teach an old dog new tricks — to an extent.

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