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Our writer turned to a local rocker for some wardrobe tips.

Also, hard as it is to believe, it's the HPMAs' shining silver anniversary this year. Twenty-five years, the big 25. It's hard to believe they've been around this long (let alone the ol' HP itself), or that those years could go by so quickly. But rest assured we're working on some suitably special ways to mark the occasion.

Live Shots

Purple Reign

L-R: Meg Cambern of the Freakouts and the Wild Moccasins’ Zahira Gutierrez.
Courtesy of the Freakouts
L-R: Meg Cambern of the Freakouts and the Wild Moccasins’ Zahira Gutierrez.
Prince gets cozy with the Summit’s stage during his multi-night January 1985 stand at the old Houston arena.
Courtesy of Bruce Kessler/
Prince gets cozy with the Summit’s stage during his multi-night January 1985 stand at the old Houston arena.

Sweet memories of seeing Prince's January 1985 stand at Houston's Summit...with my mom.

Jesse Sendejas Jr.

I've witnessed Prince's live show only once, but it was at a critical moment in his career, on the Purple Rain tour, when he was emerging from underground musician to international superstar.

What I recall about the show is hazy. It was nearly 30 years ago, so give a guy a break. One thing I can say without reservation is going to see Prince live was, and still is, an event. You don't just happen upon a ticket on the day of the show and shelve your other plans to go catch his act. You buy a ticket way in advance, brag about going to everyone you know and make an evening of it.

That's what my wife (then girlfriend) and I did in 1985 when Prince brought the Revolution and special guest Sheila E to The Summit to perform during his career-watershed Purple Rain tour. Before we ever saw Prince sing a note live, we bought tickets and then went over to Sharpstown Mall to eat at Good Time Charlie's and shop in the fashion stores. We had to look the part. I remember wifey wearing lacy gloves and a big purple bow in her hair.

Before the show, we had dinner at Christie's on Main, which had a gargantuan prawn wearing a cowboy hat and shooting pistols out front. It seems like such an "old folks" thing to do now — dinner and a show, as if we were over at Dean Goss's theater.

Maybe it was my mother's idea. After all, she went to the show with us. I was only 19 at the time, and yes, old enough to attend even Prince's scandalous show sans a chaperone. But my mother loved music and was wild about Prince, so she bought a ticket, too.

It was awkward going to see Prince with my mom in tow. It was not a cool feeling to stand next to her when the nubile and scantily clothed Sheila E dragged an unsuspecting fellow on the stage and cooed, "Next Time Wipe the Lipstick Off Your Collar" while giving him a lap dance. On the way home, I shifted attention from those shenanigans by asking everyone, wasn't it cool when the lights went out and Ms. E's drumsticks lit up neon-like during "The Glamorous Life"?

Also, there was Prince to talk about. Mom was always a James Brown fan, so she nearly harshed my vibe by telling us how Prince was basically doing for us what the Godfather of Soul had already done for others years before; but, she admitted, Prince was maybe even better at it. He was the proverbial whirling dervish: spinning, sliding, doing the splits.

I'm pretty sure he opened with "Let's Go Crazy"; it was a natural place to start, since we were all being gathered to "get through this thing called life." I remember the band being exceptional and thinking Prince could really play guitar. I remember wishing I hadn't bought floor seats at the back half of The Summit because we all had to stand for most of the concert, when we could have been sitting comfortably in the lower prom.

I remember a set list heavy on Purple Rain material. I loved 1999 and still rank it just behind Sign O' the Times as my favorite Prince album, so I wasn't disappointed at all with the song selection.

I haven't seen Prince live since that night, but my mother saw him again. She saw him a couple of years later on his tour supporting Sign O' the Times. That time, my baby brother got to stand next to mom while Prince gyrated madly against his guitar and sang "Hot Thing."

Ask Willie D

A Real Hangup

One reader wound up having phone sex with her friend's boyfriend. Oops.

Willie D

Dear Willie D:

My friend's boyfriend called me late one night and we had phone sex. When he first called, I didn't think of it as a big deal because he's called in the past looking for my friend and to share information about parties and other things.

But after a little small talk, out of nowhere, boom! He asked me what I was wearing. I was completely caught off-guard. But instead of being offended, a chill rushed through my body and I became as horny as I have ever been. It was like all of the tension that had built up inside of me because I couldn't have him just exploded.

In the past, he has given me that "I want you" look and I would just smile and look away. I know I probably should have told my friend, but my feeling was no harm, no foul. I mean, he was only flirting, right? What's wrong with looking?

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