Can't Hold Us

These new Texans tailgating songs are guaranteed to give you a winning season.

Her friend, who already had drunk two glasses of margaritas, blurted out, "Girl, you know him," then proceeded to remind her that he was the guy in the Spider-Man suit at a popular male strip club they attended. My girl had a look on her face like she was trapped in the Twilight Zone. I didn't fare much better. Everybody at the table dropped their jaws, looked away or tried to create new conversations with each other. I was beyond embarrassed.

She told me she went out to the club, but she never mentioned that it was a strip club. I don't like the idea of my girl hanging out at an exotic establishment with half-naked guys shaking their private parts in her face. She didn't really lie about going to the strip club, but she wasn't forthcoming, either. There has been tension between us ever since the incident. Do you think it's appropriate for a girl who is in a relationship to go out to a male strip club?

Beyond Embarrassed:

If Texans fans are going to parking-lot shuffle this season, might we suggest something by Big Freedia?
If Texans fans are going to parking-lot shuffle this season, might we suggest something by Big Freedia?
Willie D
Peter Beste
Willie D

Before you address the strip-club issue, you need to talk to your girl about her choice of friends. What kind of a friend attends a birthday celebration for her friend's grandmother and rats her friend out in front of her friend's family and boyfriend by revealing that she and that friend met a male stripper while he was on the job?

Most women I know find male strip clubs repulsive, while others see no problem with them. Some guys don't have a problem with their women visiting strip clubs. It's all about what floats your boat. Personally, I wouldn't want my girl hanging out at any strip club, let alone a male strip club. The idea of some UFC-fighter-looking dude in a G-string shaking his stanky booty and genitals in my girl's face, well, that's just nasty.

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