The 2013 Houston Web Awards: The Best Of Online Houston

Fox26 newscaster Isiah Carey got over his embarrassment and learned to embrace the power of social media. He’s among this year’s winners, all creative users of the latest technology.

Best Hyper-Local Twitter


The shuttle makes one final pass over the Houston skyline before heading out of town for good.
Jackson Myers
The shuttle makes one final pass over the Houston skyline before heading out of town for good.

The beauty of hyper-local coverage is that it gives us the ability to drill down to the information we need the most, but because so many local Twitter feeds can be sporadic and flaky, we may be left wanting. That's not the case with @houstonheights, which provides residents with regular updates on the venerable old Houston northside neighborhood on a daily basis. Anything going on in the rapidly expanding hood is going to be in this feed.

Best-Designed Web Site

Pride Houston

Houston has an abundance of great Web site designs, but few combine the creativity and ease of use that delivers. Packed with wonderful photography, it manages to load quickly and still be easy to navigate. With several hundred thousand people attending Pride Week festivities every year, having a great Web site is a must, and does it right.

Best Informational Web Site

Buffalo Bayou Park

Given the amount of construction going on at any one time in Houston, there's a dearth of information about city projects readily available online, save one. Updates and information on the radical transformation of Buffalo Bayou between Shepherd and downtown are easily accessible via There is no better resource for tracking the progress of any public project in the city.

Best Online Archive

Bruce Kessler's

Any longtime Houston music fan will tell you that the city's storied concert history has never been particularly well documented, until now. Bruce Kess­ler was a concert photographer for the famed Pace Concerts from 1965 through 2005. He has now amassed what must be one of the greatest collections of rock and roll photographs in any city, let alone this one.

Best Twitterer


Jenny Johnson didn't choose to be on Twitter. It was a requirement of her job as a television news producer. But once on the social network, the budding comedian quickly gained a following, especially after Patton Oswalt mentioned her in his feed. But her Internet fame didn't explode to the level it is today until she began poking fun at celebrities, including her very public Twitter assault on rapper Chris Brown last year that caused the Grammy winner to go ballistic.

Best Musician Facebook

Wild Moccasins

One of the keys to managing a successful presence on Facebook (or any other social media platform, for that matter) is being active. Nothing is sadder than a band's Facebook page that hasn't been updated in weeks or months. Obviously, it helps if you have something to talk about, and the Wild Moccasins certainly do. Between tour updates, photos from the road and interaction with fans, the Moccasins should be a model for other Houston bands on how to do Facebook.

Best Podcast

Ripped Foul

So many podcasts are hosted by boring amateurs whose friends find them hilarious even though no one else does. This is not the case with Ripped Foul, hosted by a professional comedian and, more recently, a sports talk radio host. When he lost his gig at 97.5 KFNC, John Wessling started his own podcast (he had already collaborated on the Whiskey Brothers podcast put together by a group of local comedians), mostly about sports. He's funny and entertaining, even more so than on radio, where the FCC and overbearing programming directors kept his personality in check.

Best Musician Twitter


This is why Bun B is better at Twitter (and social media in general) than every other musician you like: Dude is interesting without being obnoxious. A lot of people will let you into their world, but most of the time it feels like a brag. With Bun it just feels like "Here's something interesting I'm doing, and I'm sharing it with you guys." He is basically your cool uncle, if your cool uncle were also one of the best MCs around.

Best Vine Feed


Here's a quick description of what happens in a Vine video called "I Love Fresh Breakfast" by Jerry Ochoa: A man poops out two eggs and cracks one in a pan. That's the whole joke. In text it's weird, but in motion it's hysterical. You'll laugh when you watch it and smile when you think about it later. That's what Ochoa does: He delivers six seconds of perfect setup and payoff, usually with an unexpected twist, again and again.

Best Fake Twitter Account


Creating a parody account on Twitter is as easy as grabbing an obvious handle and making an obvious joke. Running a funny one is much harder. By being timely and (most important) funny, the person behind @benhall4mayor has managed to turn a one-note joke into something worth following. Whether it's keeping us up-to-date on how the mayoral battle for most Twitter followers is going or getting mayoral candidate Eric Dick to acknowledge his existence, it just works, even if you've never heard of the real Ben Hall.

Best Arts Blog

The Great God Pan Is Dead

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