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Martina McBride Reflects On ThePoetry Of "Independence Day"

Deen has lost huge endorsements and Food Network decided not to renew the contract for her cooking show. Here are a few rappers who can take her spot.

5. Trick Daddy

Miami's own was first seen cooking on television on an episode of MTV Cribs. America was welcomed into his home as he cooked and introduced some of us to what a conch fritter is. Trick Daddy also filmed a pilot for a cooking show in 2004 for MTV that never happened.

Fans soak up the electric Daisy Carnival atmosphere at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Mrco Torres
Fans soak up the electric Daisy Carnival atmosphere at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
Willie D
Peter Beste
Willie D

4. Mia X

This Southern belle hails from New Orleans, where almost everything from the kitchen is incredible. No Limit Records's first lady was once a co-owner of a restaurant in New Orleans. She also announced last year that she plans to release a cookbook/memoir featuring life lessons with delicious recipes attached. If you need ­visuals now just check the Twitter hashtag #TeamWhipThemPots to see what Mia X is serving up.

3. Action Bronson

Not only is he one of the hottest up-and-coming rappers out right now, he was also once a well-known gourmet chef in New York. Bronson's Instagram page is filled with mouth-watering magic that he's cooked. He also hosted his own online cooking show titled "Action in the Kitchen." He knows his shit and is all good to go for the Food Network.

2.Raekwon The Chef

Simply because Wu-Tang is forever. Now of course Raekwon doesn't cook food but he's in the kitchen using Pyrex pots and we could all learn a thing or two from him.

1. Lil B

It still baffles me how this guy is so famous among the kids. Not sure if Food Network would go for this, but Lil B is a self-proclaimed master chef and has been showing us how to cook on the Internet since 2010. How funny would it be to see that on national television?

Festival Experience

Road Trippin'
Four Days in Vegas: A First Time at EDC Travel Journal.

Marco Torres

Life is all about creating opportunities that will allow you to follow and achieve your dreams, however difficult, weird, or impossible those dreams may seem. In the past few months, years really, my own life has been both enchanted and treacherous, with love gained and lost, dealing with death and accepting new life into my family, and finally finding a calling that has me going "all in," ready to hit my jackpot.

Damn. Here I thought this article was only going to be about some music festival in the desert.

So when the opportunity to cover the 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas presented itself, I gladly took it. The three-day, three-night celebration of EDM is one of the biggest and most adored music festivals in the world, with more than 100,000 people visiting the Las Vegas Motor Speedway each night to live the PLUR (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect) life to the beat of a DJ's electronic pulse.

The following is a timeline of my first EDC experience.

Thursday, June 20

00:00 I arrive at McCarran Las Vegas International Airport at midnight. It was the cheapest direct flight I could find on short notice. Chuy, my friend, fellow photographer, and partner-in-crime wasn't scheduled to land until noon, which meant I had a full 12 hours to kill in Vegas. This should be interesting.

01:00 Note to self: if you are ever standing in the long line for a shuttle, and someone with more money than you hires a limo and offers a free ride to any hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, take it without hesitation. Fuck it, it's Vegas, baby!

07:00 I've spent my last few hours walking between The Bellagio, The Cosmopolitan and The Aria hotels, gambling, drinking, and taking Vine videos of an eerily empty Las Vegas Boulevard. I've been awake for 24-hours now, and my body desperately wants to shut down, but I'm also starving. Time to hit the breakfast buffet at The Bellagio. All-You-Can-Drink mimosas, here I come!

11:00 The restrooms at The Aria are a nice and quiet place to sleep.

13:00 Meet up with Chuy at the hotel. Leave our bags and head to the Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub for a pool party with Dutch producer and DJ Sander Von Doorn. The DJ's PR rep was able to add my name (+1) to the guest list. Within a few minutes, we were in. Let the drinking and debauchery begin.

Friday, June 21

11:00 "Hey Marco! Want to shoot a Vibe party today?"

14:00 So now I'm shooting a media lunch for Vibe/SPIN magazine at Pink Taco at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Networking is another great incentive to attend music festivals. Free food and drinks are as well.

19:00 Ready for EDC Vegas 2013 - Day One:

23:59 This is a music festival, but music seems to come in second place here. The people are the main attraction. Everyone is in a good mood, (un)dressed to impress and ready to make friends. Of course, the DJs rule the night, but only because they are on an elevated platform. They don't make the party, but they do make it better.

We caught sets by Fake Blood, Crookers, Gareth Emery, Madeon, Boys Noize, and Afrojack tonight.

Saturday, June 22

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