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Houston's Top 25 closed music venues.

"I specifically kept my vocal line in a comfort zone," Osbourne adds. "I considerately chose a range that was comfortable to sing onstage as well as on the record, because a part I've got up in the stratosphere through trickery in the studio, I knew I could never pull it off onstage. My voice used to go out all the time when I used to smoke, so I quit, and I haven't smoked a cigarette or dope in a long, long time."

Ozzy's voice should sound especially fresh at The Woodlands — it's the first night of the tour. After waiting 35 years to hear new music from Iommi, Butler and Osbourne, fans are snapping up tickets just as quickly as they did copies of the new album, Sabbath's first U.S. No. 1, ­incredibly.

"It's kind of a hard thing to swallow," the Ozzman admits. "Why now, you know? We've been around a long time in one way or another. I don't know and I don't want to know. It never ceases to amaze me and surprise me. It's just great!"

Popular Houston blues revue Dr. Rockit & the Sisters of Mercy at one of their Monday-night jam sessions at Rockefeller's, some time in the '80s.
Richard Griesser
Popular Houston blues revue Dr. Rockit & the Sisters of Mercy at one of their Monday-night jam sessions at Rockefeller's, some time in the '80s.
L-R Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osborne and Tony Iommi have rediscovered that classic Black Sabbath sound on new album 13.
L-R Geezer Butler, Ozzy Osborne and Tony Iommi have rediscovered that classic Black Sabbath sound on new album 13.

Black Sabbath and special guest Andrew WK perform Thursday, July 25, at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion, 2005 Lake Robbins Dr., The Woodlands, Gates open at 6:30 p.m.

Ask Willie D

Spare the Rod?
A reader wants to spank her boyfriend's eight-year-old.

Dear Willie D:

My boyfriend has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship he lets get away with everything. She has absolutely no respect for her elders or authority. Three weeks ago, she slapped me as I was watching television. Instead of her dad doing something about it to discipline her, he started laughing. His response caused her grin to morph into all-out laughter. When I tried to spank her, he stopped me and said she was just playing and that I was overreacting.

The problem with his statement is, he never spanks her, which in my opinion is what she needs sometimes because she is out of control. He says his parents didn't spank him and he turned out okay. But I believe in the concept of "spare the rod and spoil the child." Is it ever okay to spank a child? If so, when?

Slapped by an Eight-Year-Old:

"Spare the rod, spoil the child" is a biblical phrase that I feel is often misinterpreted. Most people think it means you should whip your child; I view the rod as a metaphor for discipline. When it comes to disciplining children, parents and guardians should use whatever method is most effective. But I can tell you right now, if spanking is your primary tool of discipline, you will fail big-time. Corporal punishment should be used rarely, if at all.

Growing up, I didn't get spanked; I got beaten. But beatings didn't work for me because I received so many that I became immune to them. That made me coldhearted and bitter. If you live by the spare-the rod, spoil-the child philosophy because it's in the Bible, you'll love this: The international version of Colossians 3:21 states, "Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged."

The reason why collectively kids today are out of control is not because they don't get spankings. It's because they aren't being disciplined, period. What good is it if a kid is grounded but punishment is not enforced?

Your boyfriend's daughter slapped you because her ignorant, goofball daddy taught her that there are no consequences for her actions. Removing things that kids like, compassion and good communication seem to be the most effective forms of discipline I've experienced. They worked with me, and they work with my kids.

My kids don't get whippings, but in the case of any child of mine slapping me — be he biological, adoptive, step, foster or other — the ass-whipping the child would receive hasn't even been invented yet.

Ask Willie D appears Thursday mornings on Rocks Off.

Willie D

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Emo's Houston hosted tons of national touring bands that were influential in the 90's - Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, L7, Steep Pole Bathtub, Ween, Superchunk, The Muffs, Unsane, Neurosis, Seaweed, NomeansNo, Offspring, Pennywise, Melvins, Stereolab, Poster Children, Laughing Hyenas, Royal Trux, Hole, etc. and, of course, the 2 you mentioned . . .


Fabulous Satellite Lounge -  One of the best concerts ever, The Bottle Rockets opening for Todd Snider.  The Rockets surfing a big electric guitar around the packed room, and threatening to stay on stage so Snider couldn't come out.  Picked as the best concert of the year by the Houston Press, and well deserved.  I guess, it was one of the few I attended.


Mary Jane's was the name during the years Toby owned the place (after the Bon Ton was dead). Then Pam bought the place, and she re-named it Fat Cat's, but everybody still called it Mary Jane's despite this. Hence the 2 names at once mystery referenced in the article.

This list is missing:

1) The Washington Avenue Show Bar

2) Silky's

3) The Ready Room

4) Club Madrid

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