Top 5 Coffee Shop Etiquette Tips

The age of laptop hobos.

Another new bar on the horizon is Little Dipper, which tweeted a photo of its new TABC license in the window of a space next to Goro and Gun downtown. Eater Houston reports that this upcoming bar is owned by the same people who own Antidote Coffee and the bar Poison Girl as well as Black Hole Coffee House. Little Dipper seems poised to be the alcoholic sister bar to Black Hole, as with Poison Girl and Antidote.

B4-U-Eat's newsletter informs us that National chain BurgerFi opened its first Houston burger joint in The Woodlands last week. Though it's a chain, BurgerFi claims to be changing the way people think about the burger by focusing on all natural, grass-fed beef and environmentally sustainable business practices. That's all well and good, but we really want to know how its burgers are. Taste test coming soon.

Food Network Star runner-up Suzie Jimenez is moving to Houston to open an Indian/Latin American fusion restaurant in West Ave. The restaurant, called Trenza, will open in September and will feature appearances by other Food Network stars such as Guy Fieri. CultureMap reports that Jimenez has already created a tentative menu, which is up online. Check it out and let us know what you think.

If you're done, clean up after yourself.
If you're done, clean up after yourself.
The Yard Bird is a Big Bird.
Joanna O'Leary
The Yard Bird is a Big Bird.

Finally, we have uncovered vague news about one closing. According to B4-U-Eat's newsletter, Omaha SteakHouse at Sheraton Suites has closed, and a new restaurant called Sage will open in its place this fall.

If every week featured only one closing and several openings, I'd be one happy eater.

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Great reminders, since so many of us use coffee shops for client or business meeting. As a business etiquette & image consultant, we caution people that their personal brand is always on display even at coffee shops (don't be seen as a 'laptop hobo').

Thanks Kaitlin. I'm going to pass your tips on thru twitter and our blog