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Please welcome Girl In a Coma as our HPMA showcase's special guest.

Dear Willie D:

Not long ago, I was at a department store trying on clothes and overheard two girls in the dressing room next to me using the most foul language imaginable. When I walked out, I was shocked to see they couldn't have been more than 13 years old. The fact that they were in the presence of an adult had no effect on their choice of words since they looked at me and continued to spew out expletives.

The way young people talk, dress and decorate their bodies with piercings and tattoos is baffling. They can't even attend school without fear of being shot by their classmates.

Willie D
Peter Beste
Willie D

I follow your Facebook postings religiously, and you seem to be a staunch supporter of young people and their purpose in society. Unfortunately, I don't share your viewpoint. The youth of today are lost and I don't know what can be done to help them find their way.


I agree with you that great numbers of young people are lost, but I'm optimistic because many young people are respectful, have clear goals and know exactly where they're going in life. While it's important to support the ones who have found their way, we also have to help those who may be lost because they are also the future. The youth didn't just wake up one day and find themselves lost. The generation before them blindly led them and ran off without leaving a life compass.

Not saying it's applicable to you, but I find it odd that people who complain most about the condition of our youth are the ones who are least involved in mentoring, coaching, teaching and supporting them. When someone is lost and you're in the car, you don't roll down the window, stick your head out and start screaming to people on the street that the person is lost. You do what you can to help him get on the right path to where he's going.

The youth are drivers of the future; everybody else is riding shotgun. If you're not going to help drive or provide navigation assistance, the least you can do is shut up and not be a distraction.

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