Pudgy Pork Dumplings and Crisp Soft-Shell Crab

Cafe Chino proves looks can be deceiving.

In what seems like an inevitable move, the Twin Peaks chain has opened its largest franchise in the country right here in The Woodlands. There's already a Twin Peaks inside the Loop, but again, this is the biggest one in the country. People have had surprisingly good things to say about the food, but I'm sure doesn't hurt. And by that, I mean it's decorated like a Northwest lodge and features waitresses dressed as lumberjacks. If, you know, lumberjacks looked like Pam Anderson.

Finally, B4-U-Eat has reported on the opening of three new restaurants: Umami Sushi, Friends Uncorked and XYZ Drink Shop. There are few details available about any of these places beyond some promising Yelp reviews, but as we know, Yelp is a tricky devil.

Umami Sushi is located at 1029 North Highway 6 and features a five-page menu of Japanese food and sushi. Like really, the menu is outta control.

Pork dumplings...
Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Pork dumplings...
...and soft-shell crab with tomato chile at Cafe Chino.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary
...and soft-shell crab with tomato chile at Cafe Chino.

Friends Uncorked has opened in Friendswood, and based on the photos on its Facebook page, it looks like both people and canines are enjoying the outdoor patio and a glass or two of vino.

XYZ Drink Shop in Bellaire seems to be obsessed with rage comics, which is maybe a little odd for a smoothie and juice bar, but it looks like a fun place. Bubble tea, smoothies and shaved ice are just some of the offerings at the Asian-­inspired joint.

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