The Houston Bucket List: The 100 Things to Do Before You Kick It

The list of the things you absolutely must do in the Bayou City.

Have Date Night at Spindletop on Top of the Hyatt Regency

Eating at hotel restaurants may seem old-fashioned, particularly one with the history of Spindletop, but some of the finest food (not to mention some of the best bars) in any city can be found inside some of its better hotels. The rotating restaurant on top of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston certainly qualifies. Since 1972, it has been serving up wonderful seafood and inspiring views of the skyline to Houstonians and guests from out of town.

The first thing to be concerned with at any restaurant is the food, and Spindletop doesn't disappoint. Despite its age and old-fashioned nature, it serves up remarkably fresh and interesting menu items. More important, you get to enjoy them while taking in some of the best views of the city. And because the room slowly rotates — this is not an amusement park ride, so no worries about getting dizzy — you'll get to take in 360 degrees of downtown Houston. There are plenty of wonderful things to do on date night, but an evening at Spindletop should be at the top of any Houstonian's list.

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Picnic on the Hill for a Free Performance at Miller Outdoor Theatre

Sure, you could sit in the seats for a show at the nearly century-old free outdoor theater, but where's the fun in that? The first time I ever sat on the hill was when I was a kid. My aunt took me to see a musical performance. We sat on a big quilt and ate sandwiches. I'm sure I was more enamored of the food than the performance, but it's an experience I've repeated a handful of times in adulthood, most recently with my fiancée and her niece.

The views from the hill are excellent, and during cooler months, there are few places more pleasant than Hermann Park. The wide range of performances showcased at Miller offers enough diversity that I can't imagine anyone in Houston not being interested in at least one show a season. Best yet, it's always free. Don't forget to bring wine!

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