Lucky 2013

The silver-anniversary Houston Press Music Awards ceremony was a memorable one.

December 31: Bucking all kinds of industry tradition, Beyoncé's new album hits stores just in time for the new year. Her hair is still short, yet the content of the LP is aggressive. Everybody is told to bow down and everything, even Oprah. It goes on to sell 450,000 copies its first week and land at No. 1.

Ask Willie D

Mo Money, Mo Problems
Simple advice for a guy dating above his pay grade.

Willie D.
Peter Beste
Willie D.

Dear Willie D:

I've been with my girlfriend for a few months. Things are mostly really good in the relationship except for one thing: We argue about money occasionally. I'm divorced with kids, and have been struggling just to make mortgage payments since I no longer have a spouse's income to help with the bills. My girlfriend makes more than I do and doesn't have kids to support, and she's aware I have a lot more expenses than she does.

At first we took turns paying for dates, but lately I'm picking up the tab more often than not. It came to a head recently when she offered to pay half the hotel bill for a weekend trip that was my idea. I accepted her offer, but later she let me know she was pissed. I ended up paying for it and just about everything else on the trip, and she was happy.

She is an independent woman in a lot of ways, but she wants to be taken care of. I think it's comforting and makes her feel secure. I'm kind of old-fashioned myself and ideally I'd be reaching for the check every time. But I'm living check-to-check myself and there's no promotion in sight anytime soon. She's cool with staying in and us cooking at one of our places some nights, but other times she'll say she'd rather go out, and I usually pay even when it's her idea.

I don't want to be a cheapskate, but I don't want to shortchange my kids because I had to pay for dinner, a movie or concert, drinks at the club, and brunch the next day. What do you think about my situation?

Broke Dude:

You're dating the wrong girl.

Ask Willie D appears Thursday mornings on Rocks Off.

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