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Did police entrap gay dudes looking for sex in Memorial Park?

Johnny Manziel plays in any game this season -230

Does not play in any games this season +170

So, in plain English, what Vegas is saying is that Johnny Manziel has a 68 percent chance of being suspended for at least the first game, but a 65 percent chance of playing at some point this year. Drilling down even further, the Ohio State players who traded tattoos for memorabilia a few years ago each got five game suspensions; the above odds would indicate that Vegas seems to think this precedent makes sense for Johnny Manziel.

Adding a few potential wagers of my own, here is what my futures big board looks like for a few more scenarios:

"If he is eligible, what will Johnny Manziel do after he scores his first touchdown of the season?"

Pull out a Sharpie and sign the ball +150

Make out with a female, ANY female +225

Raise a middle finger at the A.D.'s box +300

Tear off jersey to show Tebow jersey underneath +450

Actually, kneel and pray +1500

Politely hand the ball to the referee +25000

"If he is ineligible, where will Johnny Manziel be watching the Aggies' first game of the season?"

Cabo -1500

Field +1000

(For the uninitiated bettor, "Field" doesn't mean "on the field"; in this case it means "anywhere but Cabo," which technically includes on the field at Kyle Field, I suppose.)

"Manziel Blood Alcohol Content at kickoff of the opener, if he IS NOT eligible"

OVER .028 -110

UNDER .028 -110

"Manziel Blood Alcohol Content at kickoff of the opener, if he IS eligible"

OVER .012 -110

UNDER .012 -110

See? Johnny doesn't have to be eligible for all of us to have fun this season! Well, most of us, at least. When I was in Vegas recently for a UFC event, the Luxor had moved A&M's odds to win the BCS title from 15/1 at open to 4/1 by June 20.

Whoever placed the bets that moved the futures line that much on the Aggies, those people need Johnny Manziel eligible to have fun this season.


Protecting Himself and His Parner
Suspect tries to shoot officer's dog; HPD officer shoots him dead.

Margaret Downing

Senior Police Officer E. Newman, a K-9 officer, was called to a "discharge of firearms" scene early evening on August 5 at 5725 Fondren and located a fleeing suspect who'd already fired shots at other Houston Police Department officers. Officer M. Alanis had fired at the suspect in return, but missed.

According to a police report filed in the case, Newman's dog found the man — who'd fled on foot — in a nearby strip shopping center.

The suspect "first attempted to shoot the dog. However, upon seeing Officer Newman, the suspect then pointed his gun at him. Officer Newman, fearing for his life, then discharged his duty weapon, striking the suspect," according to the police report filed by HPD Homicide Division Sergeant R. Rodriguez and Officer M. Burrow.

Paramedics responding to the scene pronounced the unidentified man dead. Investigators recovered his weapon. No one else was hurt in the exchange of gunfire.

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