Super Bowl Shuffle

Five Texans players who should make an album.

But as excited as they are to offer their time, the Suffers and Bury the Crown aren't the only ones. Because the benefit is being spread out over three days, 20 bands have volunteered their time and talents to the cause, which Walters is labeling "Keep Calm//Fight Cancer."

On Friday, September 6, many of Houston's top indie acts will be playing together, from the Tontons and New York City Queens to Second Lovers and Featherface. The next day is reserved for hardcore and punk bands such as Pride Kills, Black Congress and Peloton, before Sunday's show welcomes acts like The Last Starfighter, Pbearadactyl and Safe Haven.

But it wouldn't be a benefit without eats from local food trucks, as well as a silent auction in which benefit-goers can bid on things like Fun Fun Fun Fest passes, local artwork, salon gift certificates and more.

Willie D
Peter Beste
Willie D

Entry at each show will be $10, and 100 percent of the proceeds from both tickets and the silent auction will go toward paying for Robinson's medical needs.

"I think Pam has done as much for Houston's music community as anybody," says Jeoaf Johnson, guitarist and singer for Knights of the Fire Kingdom and a former member of Walter's on Washington/Fat Cat's staff. "She's been tirelessly helping the local scene for years by giving bands a chance that wouldn't otherwise have a venue to play at.

"Beyond that, she's always been so gracious about working with outside promoters who brought national bands to town at a time when that element was so desperately needed to revitalize the scene here," Johnson adds. "Now it's better than ever, and Pam helped that happen."

Ask Willie D

Secret Lovers
Advice for a reader whose would-be boyfriend doesn't have a steady job, so won't commit.

Dear Willie D:

I've been seeing this guy I met through mutual friends for about a year now. We're sort of undercover — none of our friends know about us. We go out, have a great time and spend a good amount of time together, but when I bring up taking things to the next level, he says he's not ready for a commitment. It's safe to say I've developed real feelings for him.

Recently I asked him again to commit and demanded a real reason why he couldn't, and he said he can't have a girlfriend right now because he doesn't have a stable job. I tried to tell him that wasn't important to me, but he insists that it's important to him. But now I'm starting to think maybe he's using me or, worse, he's embarrassed of me. What do you think?

Undercover Lover:

People grow at different rates. Just because he's not ready to go all-in on a relationship at the moment doesn't mean he's using you or is embarrassed by you. Never pressure a person to commit to you in a relationship. Each time you bring up the topic, it will only annoy him and make you seem desperate. If you use arm-twisting tactics to coerce him into a relationship and he isn't ready, he will resent you later.

Money is an important component in a relationship. Perhaps he's seen how being financially unstable can ruin a relationship, and he wants to make sure he's achieved a certain level of success before committing so he doesn't have that problem. Continue to be your wonderful self and if it's meant to be, eventually he will take notice and commit. If not, the sea is full of fish waiting to be caught; you just have to use the right bait.

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