The 10 Worst People in Houston Restaurants

Who gets under our skin?

Another much-anticipated restaurant is nearing completion. Ronnie Killen of Killen's BBQ and Killen's Steakhouse is set to create a permanent restaurant (as opposed to a weekend pop-up) in October or November, when renovations on the former Pearland ISD cafeteria are completed. Killen gave CultureMap some details about one of the most exciting aspects of the new restaurant, the reserve flow brick pits used for smoking Killen's famous meat.

We don't have many details, but the Houston Chronicle reports that Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs are finally coming to Texas, and Houston is the first stop. The grand opening will take place in about three months at its new Memorial City Mall location. The chain is already pretty popular around the country, so it's about damn time Nathan's came to Texas. Ken Hoffman of the Chronicle says these are legit New York hot dogs, and though the dogs are good, the fries are even better.

"if he doesn't put down that cell phone soon, this meal is going in his lap..."
"if he doesn't put down that cell phone soon, this meal is going in his lap..."
Taqueria Arandas Michelada
Taqueria Arandas Michelada

Finally, Chris Cusack, Benjy Mason and Richard Knight unveiled their plans for their new venture, a bar called Hunky Dory, to the Chronicle's Alison Cook last week. The new Heights bar won't open for at least another year, but excitement is already growing thanks to the success of the group's other efforts, Down House and D&T Drive Inn. The trio hopes to provide upscale but accessible food in a casual setting. They told Cook that some of their menu ideas include "wood-baked oysters with Manchego cheese and ham, grilled mussels with curry butter, a tongue and mustard sandwich" and "something called a 'man steak': either beef for four people, pork for two, or lamb for one, all served with fries, mashed potatoes, board juices and fresh greens." So wait, we have to wait a whole year for this? Ugh.

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