Hitting the Taco Jackpot at Pistolero’s

The love child of Tex-Mex and California-Mex, Pistolero’s settles in on Westheimer

I come back to Pistolero's for the tacos, but I stay for the charming crowd and fun vibe of the place. I like eating under the watchful gaze of the Pisolero and enjoying a beer or three while glancing up at a soccer game on TV. I like that it feels like a sports bar where people care more about good food and conversation than what the score is. And I really like the cheap, delicious tacos.

Hit the taco jackpot on Tuesdays, when each taco is only $2. Cha-ching!
Troy Fields
Hit the taco jackpot on Tuesdays, when each taco is only $2. Cha-ching!


1517 Westheimer, 281-974-3860. Hours: Monday through Friday, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday, 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

Crispy nopales with chili aioli $4.75
Cerveza queso pistolero $5.75
Pistol-elote street corn $6.75
Tacos: one for $3.95, four for $14, 10 for $30
Tres Puercos burrito $9.75
Hambur-torta $11.75
Classic mole braised pork $14.75
Añejo Old Fashioned $11
Mexican Martini $12
Bloody Maria $12
House Margarita $7

To get a behind the scenes look at Pistolero's, check out our slideshow.

I hear it gets crowded at Pistolero's on the weekend, when people show up in droves for fanciful cocktails and shots of tequila in an atmosphere that allows them some semblance of class even after far too many drinks. You won't see me there on the weekend though. I get my fill every Tuesday when the tacos are being downed faster than the margaritas and when it's perfectly acceptable to eat 12 of them in one sitting. It's Taco Tuesday. Gluttony is on the menu. Pistolero's

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$2 Tuesdays have changed - $2 Tecates are no more and the tacos are now only $1.  Still a great deal.  It's becoming my Tuesday tradition.


Can someone give me the cliffnotes for this?


A $4 taco?  A $7 house margarita? A $12 bloody Maria? Sounds like a sucker's paradise.


I'm so glad you like the food, because I do too and I want to see them stick around.  The menu is so unique and interesting and flavorful.  I was sad to see Alison's distaste for the massive burger in a recent burger Friday review, but then again with so many better options, no need to order a burger.