Isaiah Washington Is the Human Part of Blue Caprice

Isaiah Washington had to hurt to play the D.C. sniper.

"No actor, whether they admit it or not, doesn't want to be seen," he admits. "There's something strange about Americans that Jesse James and John Dillinger and Billy the Kid are heroes, so it smacks of a particular ism that whatever he did, they didn't want to give him credit for. This film sort of corrects that, if it is something to be corrected. But that his name didn't go down with the Jeffrey Dahmers and the other famous Caucasian killers — he probably would be pissed off about that, too."

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MadMac topcommenter

I don't know if this article is intended to promote the movie or is an attempt--like the movie--in fiction tenuously based on actual events.

1) Isaiah Washington may be"analytical, observant and quick to vent his [sic] opinions," but that's not what got him into trouble--it was REPEATED verbal and physical assault;

2) John Allen Muhammad was not some persecuted father denied his rights by a villianous wife, he sexually abused Malvo--a boy two years older than his son;

3) And as cute as the assurtion may be, no one remembers--or understands--Ted Kaczynsky's politics because he was nucking futs.

This article begs more suspension of disbelief than the average space opera.  


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