Sigh No More

Mumford & Sons finally played America's fourth-largest city September 17.

Closing out the show: "I Feel You" and "Never Let Me Down Again," the greatest song about cars and trousers ever written. As has been the case since 101, a now-thoroughly-drenched Gahan led the crowd in waving their arms along to the song. It wasn't quite ""Radio Ga-Ga," but really, nobody seemed to mind.

Ask Willie D

Gentleman's Code
Don't live your life like a Geto Boys song, advises our Geto Boy columnist.

Head son Marcus Mumford.
Jim Bricker
Head son Marcus Mumford.
Music therapist Bill Matney (left) with one of his groups.
Courtesy Bill Matney
Music therapist Bill Matney (left) with one of his groups.

Dear Willie D:

I really enjoy your music and I try to emulate and do things in your songs. But after reading your advice column, I realized that you were probably just joking or you were only like that in the past. I'm 21 years old, and I met a girl through my friends at a bar. She was really friendly. But her ex who went to my school messaged me and said, don't trust her because she cheated on him.

One time she was telling me that my new pickup line to pick up girls when I go to bars with her should be, "Sex is a beautiful thing; want me to show you?" I told her it was too direct and corny, but she claimed girls would sleep with me if I said it. Then she dropped something and I tried emulating your lyrics. Instead of picking it up, I just slapped her butt and she almost slipped. She kept asking me to come to her house, but trying to emulate you, I acted like a jerk and said no, and she would keep saying, why not?

I wanted to take the jerk thing to the next level, so as she was making me eggs one morning, I said, "We have no chemistry" and she seemed upset, but didn't respond. At a party she invited me to, she said that she wanted to "play-fight" me, but I refused and she punched me a few times, and I told her to chill. She seems to want to prove she's tough.

After all this, I was at her house watching TV and she had fallen asleep. I knocked on her bedroom door at seven in the morning, woke her up and asked her if I could sleep in her bed, and she said no. I couldn't believe it. Willie, does being the bad boy work for women, especially younger women? Because I'm trying to be the guy from "I'm Not a Gentleman" and "Gangsta of Love," it only makes females hate me.

Factitious Jerk:

You are a funny dude. Women don't like jerks; they like bad boys. I guess I'm sort of a refined bad boy. While I did exhibit some characteristics of being un-gentlemanlike in my younger days, as with many songs, "I'm Not a Gentlemen" was exaggerated for entertainment purposes. The intent of the song was not for you to treat women like dirt; it was to not allow women to treat you like a doormat.

Women like challenges. They — especially the younger ones — want someone they can fix, which never happens. The good guy is dependable and steady while the bad boy is unpredictable and indifferent to her needs. She knows she could lose him at any moment, so she fights harder to prove she is worthy of him. The key for guys is adopting the bad-boy traits that women love such as confidence and spontaneity and balancing the bad ones like cockiness and self-absorption.

Love is not supposed to hurt. Love is not disrespectful. Love is not disloyal. Like men, most women don't realize that until later in life. I wrote "I'm Not a Gentleman" and Gangsta of Love" when I was 22 years old. When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

Damn, man, if I had known you were going to act out the lyrics in my songs word for word, I would have also told you to pay the note on my mortgage and buy me a fresh pair of Nikes twice a month.

Ask Willie D appears Thursday mornings on Rocks Off.

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This article is garbage. Thankfully we live in a country where people can write whatever their opinion's are on whatever they so choose to; as stupid as those opinions may be. Perhaps you did not attend the same show I did, but it obviously says something if a band can sell out everyone of their concerts minutes of when their tickets are released. Maybe your garage band failed and you are envious of their success, who knows, but these are some opinions you should keep to yourself because they are pointless.

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