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Here are 10 reasons why.

Local Spotlight

While we are certainly excited about their newest venture, Voodoo Queen, we revisited Evan Shannon and Brand Young's first baby, Moon Tower Inn, to remind ourselves just how great it is.

Here are 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit (or revisit) as well:

Dogs like this aren't born every day. Except at Moon Tower Inn.
Brooke Viggiano
Dogs like this aren't born every day. Except at Moon Tower Inn.
Christine Ha is a busy chef.
Courtesy Christine Ha
Christine Ha is a busy chef.

10. The Dogs

First and foremost are the dogs. Moon Tower's shtick is wild game, but it really isn't a shtick at all; these guys pump out some serious game dogs. Plump and meaty with over-the-top fillings, gourmet sausages such as the wild boar, filled with garlic, marsala and provolone, and the venison, cased with red wine and blueberries, will not disappoint. And if wieners aren't your thing, the burgers are just as fantastic. Oh, and their seasonal sides...ask for those, too.

9. The Crowd

Moon Tower Inn attracts an eclectic, unpretentious crowd — from tatted-up dudes with gauges to pretty young things knocking back weenies and beer, everyone's here to have a good time.

8. It's Bicycle-Friendly

Work up an appetite with a bike ride down the bayou and into the Second Ward. Then park your bike at the rack and load up on that sausage. You deserve it.

7. The Bathrooms

Bathrooms may be an odd choice for a reason to visit, but the guys have done a lot to revamp them this time around (bye-bye men's Porta Potty). Plus they make us laugh every time. Tacos unite!

6. The Tap Wall

Moon Tower Inn has truly stepped up its brew game. With a 66-tap wall housed inside a shipping container, MT proudly sits among the big boys as one of the top craft-beer spots in the city. Plus, they are now brewing on-site, with two three-and-a-half-barrel fermentation tanks to crank out fine house brews.

5. They Have Tons of Specials

As if their massive hot dogs and wall of beer weren't enough to get us there, Moon Tower offers tons of specials, such as dollar beer nights, BOGO burgers and the monthly growlers giveaway. Check their Twitter account (@bdaddymeatstacks) or Facebook page to follow the specials.

4. The Awesome Weekly Events

With horror-movie nights, all-you-can-eat crawfish boils, beer dinners and the occasional bonfire, Moon Tower really gives you that small-town, ­everybody's-­family feel. That is, if your small town was the coolest and your family was made up of some of the weirdest, most fun people ever.

3. A Great Yard

You won't have any problems finding space out on Moon Tower's covered patio or in its giant, fantastic yard. There are plenty of long wooden picnic tables to fill with friends, pints and sausages. And don't worry, they still have room for wild games of horseshoes.

2. The Extras

The wild-game dogs already have tons of flavor packed in, but it's the topping choices that really throw these sausages over the top. Choose from add-ons such as feta cheese, sambal mayo, sliced jalapeños, creole mustard and beer kraut, or (and this is probably what you should do) just trust the kitchen. Tell them to dress it as they please, and 15 minutes later you'll be handed the most intricately topped, Picasso-like dog you've ever seen.

1. You'll Be a Hero Among Your Friends

Bringing newcomers to this East End gem is one of the quickest ways to up your Houston street cred and make you the hero of your crowd. After all, people don't forget who showed them their first Moon Tower weenie.

Edible Events

Christine Ha takes over MKT Bar for Her First Pop-Up Dinner
A successful farewell to summer.

Molly Dunn

Neither rain nor the Texas A&M versus Alabama football game could stop them from coming to Christine Ha's first pop-up dinner, titled "Episode One: A Farewell to Summer."

The season 3 MasterChef winner took over the kitchen at MKT Bar inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods on September 14. Word traveled quickly that the chef would be serving street-style dishes from her cookbook, the MasterChef competition and her family; anyone who wanted to taste Ha's food made sure he or she was at MKT Bar that day.

No table was left empty; in fact, additional tables and chairs were brought in to accommodate the crowd of people wanting to sample Ha's creations. She crafted the menu as an ode to the last week of summer, with street-food dishes utilizing season-appropriate ingredients.

In street food-style, each dish (excluding the dessert) was served in a paper basket. Ha created a green papaya salad inspired by her winning dish on MasterChef: Crisp, thin strips of green papaya were tossed with sweet beef jerky, crunchy jicama slices, candied peanuts, and a fermented shrimp and honey vinaigrette, all topped with two flaky, delicate prawn chips. If there was one item that embodied summer cuisine, this was it. The light, crisp, refreshing salad was the perfect start to Ha's dinner.

After only a few bites of the salad, you couldn't help digging into the chicken wings, which were prepared two ways. One batch was caramelized in fish sauce, which made the skin extra crispy, sweet and addicting. Ha also incorporated garlic, lime zest and mint to enhance the sweet fish sauce, and bird's-eye chile and cilantro to add a spicy kick. You can find this recipe in her cookbook, Recipes From My Home Kitchen.

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