Desperate Act

>Man douses self with liquid from a gas can in front of Exxon building.

Craig Malisow

Former hand surgeon/wife-beater Michael Brown has been sentenced to 30 days in a federal penitentiary for choking several female flight attendants aboard a British Airways flight in January. He'll get two years of supervised release afterwards, with mandatory mental health treatment and substance abuse evaluation.

U.S. District Court Judge Donald Graham handed down the sentence last week after rejecting a plea agreement between Brown and federal ­prosecutors.

Houston police were able to intervene.
Cory Garcia
Houston police were able to intervene.

Brown was ordered to report to Miami authorities on October 25. He was also fined $5,000 — which is way less than he allegedly spent on strippers in Houston every month.

According to the sentencing minutes, Brown "apologized to the Court and asked for Mercy and that he would like to sentenced to custody because of his children."

Oy freakin' vey.

We're not yet sure what effect — if any — this will have on the future of his companies, which have continued to hemorrhage funds under the control of "chief restructuring officer" David Grange. Doctors working for Brown Medical Center had their salaries cut by 50 percent this month, according to a memo from BMC Chief Operating Officer Robert Calamia.

But Brown oughta look on the bright side: Maybe now he'll have some much-needed quiet time to crank out more sex-advice letters to his daughter.

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I doubt this guy really was planning to kill himself. First, he wouldn't have told anyone he had gasoline... He would have just done it. Second, it was diesel. Much safer so you don't have an accident and really light yourself up. He's getting the attention he wanted. Yes, I'll admit he as issues that need fixing but, suicide isn't one of them.

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