Why Is It that No One Seems to Be Responsible When a 13-Year-Old in State Care Says She's Been Raped?

CPS hands off kids to placement companies who send the kids to foster families. Something goes wrong, for example, a 13-year-old girl says she's been raped, and accountability vanishes along the way.

It's kind of an odd thing to say about a company that, according to online CPS records, has a two-year history of not conducting background checks on frequent visitors, and in the past four months alone has been cited for failure to renew background checks for foster parents; for hiring an employee who doesn't meet minimum education requirements; and for failure to renew an expired background check on the company's director herself. (Newsome-Talley has a clean record; her husband — who is not involved with America's Angels — was sentenced to ten years in prison for aggravated robbery in 1995 and to six months in jail for unlawfully carrying a weapon in 2007.)

In January 2012, the company was cited for not reporting a runaway within 24 hours; in July of that year, an investigator's notes state that a "foster mother spoke to foster children regarding the investigation in the presence of the Investigator before the children were interviewed. Two children refused to speak to the Investigator as a result [sic]." (According to the DFPS Web site, CPS personnel evaluated "5,913 standards" for America's Angels over the past two years and found only 51 deficiencies.)

Newsome-Talley created America's Angels in 2011 after stints with other foster care-related agencies. (It's difficult to verify aspects of her job history; an online profile lists her as a former program director for a defunct child-placement agency called Brighter Visions; ex-employees at America's Angels say she was a family home developer for two other placement agencies.) She also held the position of "area director" for Lutheran Social Services of the South, which she unsuccessfully sued in late 2010 for discrimination.

According to the suit, filed in a Houston federal court, Newsome-Talley was forced to resign in 2008 after receiving "numerous written disciplinary actions" that she believed were unjustified. The case was ultimately dismissed, and a lawyer for Lutheran Social Services would not disclose the nature of the violations to the Press.

In order to become a licensed child-placement administrator, Newsome-Talley had to submit handwritten recommendations from three references; show that she had at least one year of management or supervisory experience in child placement; have either a master's or doctoral degree, or a bachelor's degree with at least two years of experience; pass a criminal background check; and pass a multiple-choice test. (The Press requested all "procurement" documents related to Newsome-Talley's application process, but a CPS spokesman could not make the records available in time for this story.)

Former America's Angels employees told the Press that Newsome-Talley often chose her friends and associates for foster parents, sometimes against the recommendations of employees. (The ex-employees interviewed for this story said they left America's Angels for different reasons; one was fired, the others say they left of their own accord. They all had experience in the field.)

These ex-employees also claimed that some of the foster families Newsome-Talley worked with at subsequent placement agencies followed her whenever she moved. One ex-­employee called such families "hoppers."

"They're at one agency and then they leave and go to another agency," the ex-employee said.

With this stable of supporters, Newsome-Talley formed America's Angels and contracted with the Department of Family and Protective Services for more than $1 million to guard the safety and well-being of the state's most vulnerable. Then she posted a sweet pic of her new Mercedes on Facebook.

Laura Davis, 52 and chronically unemployed, was one of Newsome-Talley's approximately 25 foster parents. In a 2005 bankruptcy filing, Davis claimed to be disabled; she and her then-16-year-old daughter were scraping by on $818 a month from the government. The year before, she had divorced her husband while he was in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He had only recently been released from a yearlong sentence to Harris County Jail for perforating a female friend's face with a screwdriver in the presence of Davis's daughter.

Fostering provided a decent safety net for Davis and her daughter; according to America's Angels' initial contract with DFPS, foster parents received per diem payments of anywhere from $22 to $88 per child, depending on their needs. (According to former employees, Davis treated the girls fairly and kept a clean house.)

When Newsome-Talley told the Press that Kim had been "properly discharged" and was no longer America's Angels' responsibility on the night of the alleged gang rape, she may have meant that she had fulfilled the minimum state requirements. According to DFPS spokeswoman Julie Moody, if a child 13 years old or older goes missing from a foster home, the foster parent or someone with the child-placement agency must notify a state licensing representative within 24 hours but is not required to notify police. Once that's complete, the child is placed on "runaway status," and the placement agency no longer receives a payment for that child.

After 24 hours, Kim was simply no longer a revenue stream.

It's unclear why Kim was in the state's care in the first place. Custody records are confidential, and the family's lawyer is guarded.

According to Wilson, CPS removed Kim from her biological parents when she was seven and placed her directly with her aunt and uncle, who became her adoptive parents. Things get sketchy from there.

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because probably a multiple of those fine state employees are covering up for each other for the rapes theyve committed too!


Yolanda Huff

Why are you attacking my wife? and allowed to torture my daughter in the foster house.

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