Why Is It that No One Seems to Be Responsible When a 13-Year-Old in State Care Says She's Been Raped?

CPS hands off kids to placement companies who send the kids to foster families. Something goes wrong, for example, a 13-year-old girl says she's been raped, and accountability vanishes along the way.

The department's spokesman, Patrick Crimmins, believes Kim's allegations were addressed: He stated in an e-mail that CPS personnel "did a thorough investigation, and typically that includes interviews with the alleged victim(s) and any possible witnesses or anyone who might have helpful information."

Further complicating matters is the confusing role of an Austin-area company called Back Office for Social Services. According to its primitively designed Web site, the cleverly acronymed BOSS provides payroll, "banking and financial consultation," and other assistance for social service-related businesses. It's a site stockpiled with stock photos but devoid of principals' names or a physical address.

For the record, it's run by a guy named Robert Lambert, and several of the ex-employees interviewed for this story were under the impression that Lambert was the real boss (or BOSS, as it were) at America's Angels. (Crimmins told us he'd never heard of Back Office; America's Angels' contract with DFPS requires them to identify any ­subcontractors.)

One ex-employee, who said she often saw Lambert during his visits to the America's Angels office, believed Newsome-Talley deferred to him for staffing choices.

"If you really and truly own a company, you do not have to go through anyone on who you hire and who you fire," the former employee said. Another former employee told the Press that Newsome-Talley "acts like she works for them instead of the other way around."

Lambert did not respond to calls seeking comment. A woman who answered the phone at BOSS's Cedar Park office referred the Press to Goodall, who is the company's registered agent. When we continued to call Lambert, as well as his associate Jennifer Golden, we heard from a brand-new attorney, Bryan Reese, who admonished us to "stop harassing my client, its business associates, and employees to attempt to learn information about the lawsuit. All allegations in the lawsuit are unfounded and are denied by my ­clients."

Someone needs to learn something, though: Nearly two years after Kim spoke out, it's unclear why no one — not Kim's lawyer, not police, not Davis, not Newsome-Talley, not DFPS investigators — has been able to identify Mr. D, who could ostensibly verify whether his "4 or 5" friends cited in the lawsuit even exist.

If they can be identified, Wilson believes, there's a good chance they could be charged on more than Kim's word.

"There is a rape kit with sufficient material to test if any of the individuals involved are ever identified," he told the Press in an e-mail. "The one guy we are trying to identify by name may only come out in discovery or in the criminal investigation, because we have continually hit dead [end] roads when pursuing that information."

In the meantime, Newsome-Talley has expanded her operations; in early 2013, she founded an adoption service headquartered in Brenham. According to the company's Web site, America's Heart is "where families start."

According to the Washington County Appraisal District, it's a vacant lot.


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because probably a multiple of those fine state employees are covering up for each other for the rapes theyve committed too!


Yolanda Huff

Why are you attacking my wife? and allowed to torture my daughter in the foster house.

Mientras que mi aboga Yolanda Huff atacaba a mi esposa, mi hija estaba siendo torturada en un Foster House en San Antonio, TX. Las mafias globalizadas son manejadas principalmente por la CIA, son unos fascistas-islam extremistas quien las contralan, gente de bajo nivel que buscar el poder a toda costa, no les interesa nada y se valen en EU de Hospitales Mentales, Foster Houses, CPS entre otras para matar, torturar, etc en contra de sus enemigos. Matan gente de edad así como niños por puro entretenimiento.

While my former attorney Yolanda Huff was attacking my wife, my daughter was being tortured in a Foster House in San Antonio, TX. Globalized Mafias are managed mainly by the CIA, they're fascist- extreme Islam who are low-level people seeking power at all costs, they do not care about anything and they are using U.S. Mental Hospital, Foster House, CPS and other to kill, torture, etc. against their enemies. They kill senior citizens and children for pure entertainment.


Possible human traffic activities between DIF Mexico and CPS San Antonio, and relation with the catholic Pope.
The pope start visiting and made business with them, The catholic church has to recuperate the money of the sues against them in ...USA. He knew about the killing of millions of Chineses of a religious group, Chineses offered him the life of the Chinese children of this religious group (Genocide massacre in China). Good opportunity, he contacted Hillary Clinton, and Calderon, opus dei members, business done in high level.
It seems that Joaquin Castro works for the China Imperium including India and their satellites countries like Mexico. Human Traffic between DIF Mexico to CPS San Antonio of Mexican, children from India and Chinese children. Allowing investment of American and Mexican mafias in San Antonio. Shame on Joaquin Castro. The true will come soon.
Calderon and his wife controlled DIF Mexico, the only entity similar to Child Protective Services in USA and with legal authority to USCIS (Immigration), Calderon and his wife were the only taking decision of adoption in Mexico through the States, instead of help many children to legalize their situation in the States, they used them as a personal business, each child more than 15,000.00 USD, they were coming from China, India and also Mexican children to be given in adoption in the States, no body (Mexican, Mexican American families), even the personnel in DIF Mexico knows that DIF is the only legal entity recognized by USCIS to do that. Only my estimates annually with Chinese children are more 200 million dollars, but it was only a personal business of Calderon and Fox that no Mexican or Mexican American was beneficiated.

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