The Dark Tale of the Porn Star, the Dead Millionaire and the Tortured Beauty Queen

The twisted tale of a male stripper from San Antonio who became Miami's biggest porn star before being accused of murder and torturing a teenage beauty queen.

John William Snavely was born February 9, 1987, into what can generously be described as a shit situation. Not much is known about his father, other than that he was never around. What little is known about his mother isn't good.

Lisa Johns was a train wreck. When John was just eight years old, his older brother, Justin Johns, called cops to report their mom was trying to break into the air conditioning to huff the Freon inside. When Justin tried to stop her, Lisa Johns beat him with a stick until police arrived.

It was far from her first arrest. A year earlier, she had been busted for making "terroristic threats." And when John was just 12, his mother abandoned him in the parking lot of their apartment complex to go on a bender. The binge ended when a cop spotted Johns slamming into the curb of Bitters Road. When a police officer tried to pull her from her car, she tried to run him over before speeding off in her badly damaged vehicle.

John Snavely made his fortune when he moved from San Antonio stripper to Miami porn-movie star.
Joseph Laney
John Snavely made his fortune when he moved from San Antonio stripper to Miami porn-movie star.
Millionaire Samuel Del Brocco was found dead — stabbed half a dozen times in the chest — shortly after meeting John Snavely.
Joseph Laney
Millionaire Samuel Del Brocco was found dead — stabbed half a dozen times in the chest — shortly after meeting John Snavely.

When Johns finally was caught, she was dragged from her car smelling of booze and calling the cop "motherfucker," "queer" and "faggot." Then she told the officer to "suck my dick" and that "my cock's bigger than yours."

With their father nowhere in sight and their mom frequently in jail, John and Justin learned to fend for themselves. Police records show Justin paid the family's bills by selling drugs, at least until his first arrest in 2001. He was sentenced to two years in prison. Without his older brother around, John took up Golden Gloves boxing. The pastime helped protect him in the poor, dusty neighborhoods of San Antonio, and also gave rise to his later reinvention as Champ.

John's other pastime, however, was petty crime. The offenses ranged from ridiculous to absurd. When Snavely was 17 years old, security guards spotted him and friend Kevin Hullender breaking into a parked car. When the rent-a-cops chased Snavely, he dove into some bushes and took off his pants. Police soon arrested him; retrieved his pants; and discovered a screwdriver, pot and alprazolam in the pockets. Hullender had cocaine and counterfeit cash on him. Snavely was sentenced to two weeks in jail.

Two days before Christmas of 2006, Snavely and two friends spilled out of a Cadillac and onto the streets of downtown San Antonio. Snavely stopped on the side of the street to pee. When a passerby complained, Snavely whipped a collapsible baton out of his back pocket and threatened to beat the man.

When cops caught up with the trio a few blocks later, Snavely called a Hispanic officer a "fucking spic" and told him, "Your fucking dick is small like that China man [partner of yours]." He then asked, "Where the niggas at, because you punk bitches don't have it on me.

"I'm going to go to your house and I'm going to fuck your wife," Snavely snarled at the Hispanic cop before adding that he was a light heavyweight boxer and would "kick your asses." (This time, Snavely got 100 days behind bars.)

He racially insulted nurses at a hospital, regularly got into fights with Hispanics and led cops on a comical 2008 chase. Police arrived at his apartment to arrest Snavely on an outstanding pot charge, but he pretended not to be home. Then his cell phone went off in the attic and Snavely fell through the ceiling. (Charges were dropped when he went to prison for another crime.)

But Greg Hullender, whose two sons were both arrested alongside Snavely, says John simply grew up on the wrong side of what could be a rough city. "Honestly, he's one of the people I preferred to have my sons hang around with," Hullender says . "He was very intelligent. He wasn't one of those kids who talked like he was black or whatever. He was very well-spoken.

"He was very good with his fists, too," Hullender says. In San Antonio, that came in handy. "He was gentle, but if you did something to hurt him or one of his friends, he would take care of you right quick."

That dangerous side would be of use when Snavely started stripping in San Antonio. He began by dancing for women but switched to stripping for men because it paid better. Soon he was offering "private dances" to male customers. He would go with them to their homes, leading them to believe they'd get more than a dance. Then he'd demand $500 up-front, do a short striptease and leave abruptly. What could the suckers do? Snavely was 210 pounds of muscle, and they certainly couldn't call the cops. It was a scheme Snavely would repeat in South Florida — with deadly consequences.

Samuel Del Brocco stepped off US Airways flight 1703 on a sweltering Saturday morning in September 2010 and slipped seamlessly into his second life. For several years, the former Seventies pop singer and self-made millionaire had flown to South Florida to act out his secret fantasies. He would land at Fort Lauderdale Airport and flip a switch, transforming from Samuel Del Brocco the straight D.C. socialite into a man on a mission for gay sex.

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