Started From the Bottom

Rap superstar Drake performs in his spiritual hometown.

One of Houston's leading political analysts says that kind of street cred could be invaluable in a mayoral campaign.

"I think one way for him to embrace the image is to use that as a way to create a real, visible narrative of what's happening out there, and letting people know that these problems need to be addressed, and he is a good person to do it," says Dr. Brandon Rottinghaus, an associate professor of political science at the University of Houston. "A traditional politician may talk about those issues, but maybe hasn't lived it, where in his case he has lived it and it gives him some credibility in a way that doesn't give credibility to a traditional politician."

Rottinghaus likens Bun's hypothetical campaign to that of someone like the former Minnesota governor Jesse "The Body" Ventura, who in 1999 ran as the same kind of brash, outspoken maverick he was for years as a popular WWF wrestler, where he often played the "heel." Ventura's straight-shooting message connected with Minnesota's voters, and he served four years in the state's highest electoral office.

Successful: Drake at Toyota Center last week
Marco Torres
Successful: Drake at Toyota Center last week
UK trio Chvrches are arguably 2013's hottest UK buzz band.
Eliot Hazel
UK trio Chvrches are arguably 2013's hottest UK buzz band.

"The campaign ads he ran were all about how he was gonna wrestle the opposition, and it was time for a change in Minnesota, and he had kids with little Jesse Ventura action figures who were pummeling the competition," says Rottinghaus. "So they made that image work for them.

"Imagine Bun handing out tiny wood-grain steering wheels at campaign stops. Sadly, there's also one big, unfortunate reality of politics: It's boring. Many duties involved in governing a large city like Houston consist of drudgery like enduring long council meetings and haggling with other city officials about various budgets, because there never seems to be enough tax money to go around." If people are already calling Bun Houston's unofficial mayor, Rottinghaus suggests, why mess with a good thing?

"Maybe the best kind of use of his time is to kind of be the unofficial ambassador of Houston," he says. "It strikes me that that kind of activity is probably as valuable, if not more valuable, than actually campaigning [and] governing in an office. Maybe it's the case that being the kind of unofficial ambassador gives you the freedom to choose the things you want to work on, and maybe gives you more impact for the time you put in."

Ask Willie D

Hard Out Here for a Pimp
A reader thinks her boyfriend may be keeping something important from her.

Dear Willie D:

I have been seeing a guy for a little while now and he is always with me, but we don't do anything outside of being at my house. I feel like he is embarrassed of me or something. I treat him like a king and he knows I like him, but he is so emotionally detached. On top of that, I think he's a pimp. Please help!

Do Nothing:

A pimp? How do you conclude that he might be a pimp from him not doing anything in public with you? It appears that you're only telling part of the story. Maybe he is a homebody like me. But not quite, because I'm mindful that women like to get out, do things and go places. They also like public displays of relationship affirmation, so periodically I reserve quality time outside of the house to spend with my lady.

Action speaks louder than words, but unless he tells you directly that he is embarrassed by you, I don't think you should waste unnecessary energy thinking the wrong thing. As long as the people who are important in your life know that you're together, nobody else matters. Well, not unless that nobody is the police.

You see, he could be a fugitive on the run from the law who's using your pad as a hideout to lie low until things cool off. So if you're ever sitting at home watching America's Most Wanted on TV with him, and you see his picture pop up, play-sleep.

Ask Willie D appears Thursday mornings on Rocks Off.

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Shit, i was hoping this would be a dismantling of  a performer's work i hold as paraphrase another HP contributor, "amiwrong"? 

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