Catch an Illegal Immigrant

UT Young Conservatives abandon plan after hilarity did not ensue.

An attorney from the SPLC met with district attorneys and agreed to put it in writing that the photo would appear in the yearbook. The school district will also be going one step further, agreeing to follow its own corrective policies for cases of gender discrimination and to provide training for those involved, along with a comprehensive education program for the school community. The district will also expressly include gender expression in its antidiscrimination policies, according to the release. This is all well and good, but it seems to Hair Balls it would all have been a lot simpler if they'd just allowed Jeydon's photo to run in the first place.


Bad Karma
East Texas lawyer's anti-Semitic jokes cost Cisco $60 million.

Calvin TerBeek

Otis Carroll of Ireland, Carroll & Kelley is an attorney in Tyler, Texas, where the vaunted rocket-docket patent litigation district court sits (a.k.a. as the "Eastern District of Texas," at least one of its "divisions"). Carroll was retained as "local counsel" by Cisco in a piece of patent litigation when it was sued by an Israeli company, Commil.

In East Texas, you don't want some slick Coastie lawyer in front of your jury, you want a local attorney who can connect with the locals. And that's what Carroll endeavored to do in his own East Texas way:

While being cross-examined, Mr. David (the Commil inventor and co-owner) mentioned eating at a barbeque restaurant to which [Carroll] responded "I bet not pork." [Carroll] then went-on to ask Mr. David whether his cousin was a "bottom-feeder who swims around on the bottom buying people's houses that they got kicked out of for next to nothing.

In closing arguments, [Carroll] began with a reference of the trial of Jesus - saying "You remember the most important trial in history, which we all read about as kids, in the Bible had that very question from the judge. What is truth?"

You can't say those things.

But it gets even worse. In this, the first jury trial, tainted by the anti-Semitic remarks, the East Texas jury awarded the Israeli firm only $3.7 million dollars in damages. But a new trial was ordered because Carroll thought "pork/Jewish" jokes were funny (they're not). On retrial, the jury awarded Commil $63.7 million in damages.

Carroll may not believe in Yahweh, but I bet he now believes in karma.

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Dec 2,

Demand the real double layer fence, isn't going to happen; demand for illegal entry into America punishable as a felony, isn't going to happen; demand for the Birthright citizenship Act, to stop children of illegal aliens getting instant citizenship, isn't going to happen; harsh penalties for employers hiring illegal foreign workers, isn't going to happen. REAL ENFORCEMENT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, SINCE BIG BUSINESS AND OTHER SPECIAL INTERESTS HAVE BROUGHT THE MAJORITY OF OUR POLITICIANS.


No immigration reform should be touched, until we have substantial enforcement. We certainly don’t need another 30 million legal immigrants as drafted in the Senate bill, when both sides are already importing over 1 million lawfully annually. That must begin with a far more powerful identification program, which would be the implementation of a mandated biometric Social Security card. This digital wonder would be distributed to every birthright citizen and naturalized citizen. Far superior to the E-Verify program not only would it identify those who are eligible to gain employment, but also bring to a halt rampant voter fraud and personal credit theft.

We have the technology to enact this law and it would begin to weed out benefit theft, such as food stamps. The cost for such a program is around $2 billion dollars, but eventually would save hundreds of billions of dollars; perhaps even trillions. Remember that Democrats have failed to tell the truth on many current and past issues, especially about the true illegal alien population. The special interest masters of both parties, wants the cheap labor and Liberals who have no excuses for dishonesty want to overlook non-citizens voting in our elections. The only true poll reports as far as the TEA PARTY and moderate and centralist Conservatives are concerned are the Rasmussen Reports that remains unbiased unlike the national media.

Where the Obama health care is concerned, the reality is that “Freeloaders” and illegal aliens will come out the winners, as they will be approved for free, as the parasites of society always are?

It’s a simple mechanism, which would remove the excuses from both political parties from stealing taxpayer money. I never credited that I would wish for such an identification card, but credit card fraud is now at epidemic proportions. The old Social Security card is easily duplicated and in truth obsolete. I am a victim of credit theft. American citizens must speak up to every Senator and Congress man or women and demand it. Non-citizens are stealing our votes, our rights and only the Democrats will use their power to halt the enactment of a national ID card. SOMEBODY START A PETITION TO PRESS FOR A MANDATORY NATIONAL ID CARD.

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