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November 27, 2013

Woman Files Lawsuit Against Underbelly and The Pass & Provisions

In November, news broke of a lawsuit filed against Underbelly and The Pass & Provisions by a former Underbelly staff member who alleges wrongful termination, discrimination and "intentional infliction of emotional distress." The former staff member, Rachel Johnston, claims that she was out dining with friends at The Pass & Provisions when her party was asked to leave their table to make room for other patrons, causing one of her friends to become belligerent. The incident was reported back to the staff at Underbelly, who allegedly threatened to fire her, but realized her out-of-work behavior was probably not something they could fire her for. Johnston was later fired for being intoxicated at work, though she claims she wasn't. The case is ongoing, and it's stirred up some commentary on what it's like for a woman to work in a male-dominated kitchen.

Donate wet or dry pet food to needy animals this season.
Donate wet or dry pet food to needy animals this season.
Fill your metal tray with a variety of sweet and savory pastries and breads at El Bolillo.
Geri Maria Harris
Fill your metal tray with a variety of sweet and savory pastries and breads at El Bolillo.

Restaurant News

Openings and Closings
Campioni open through holidays and Fat Cat Creamery finds a home.

Molly Dunn

This past week, Eater posted that Prohibition in the Galleria area would be closing; however, in an updated post, Darla Guillen reported that Prohibition is actually moving to a building downtown. The new location will be at the McCrory Building on Prairie. The bar is holding a Closing Party on Saturday, December 21. The night will include a prix fixe dinner and a show by The Moonlight Dolls, as well as bottles of Champagne and a social-hour menu.

B4-U-Eat's weekly newsletter explains that the last day for Campioni on FM 1960 will be New Year's Eve. The Italian restaurant will open at 13850 Cutten Road at the beginning of January.

Commenter Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah informed us in last week's openings and closings report that Taste of Lebanon has closed. After calling the restaurant (no answer) and visiting it (no furniture inside), we can confirm that Taste of Lebanon has officially closed.

That's it for the closings announcements for this week. Let's take a look at openings.

Ramen Jin opened softly on December 12. Eater's Guillen reports that the restaurant is focusing on ramen bowls, serving six different types, including tonkotsu, miso, cold sesame, curry, veggie and tonkotsu shoyu. While the stars on the menu are the ramen bowls, Ramen Jin also offers edamame, tempura fish cake, seaweed salad and other snacks, as well as mini rice bowls.

Fat Cat Creamery opened its Heights store on December 14, according to a tweet. Now fans of Fat Cat Creamery don't have to frequent Revival Market, Black Hole, or other coffee shops and restaurants to satisfy their sweet tooth. The permanent location at 1901 Shepherd will serve ice cream, old-fashioned sodas and coffee, in addition to other items.

Bar Lei Low, the cocktail bar from Elizabeth and Russell Theode of Down House, is inching closer to its opening date. Eater reports that the owner is hoping to open its doors before we ring in the New Year.

Bradley Ogden's Funky Chicken held its grand-opening celebration on December 18. The comfort-food restaurant already seems to have grabbed the hearts (and stomachs) of Houstonians with its fried chicken, chicken pot pie and chicken sandwiches.

Max's Wine Dive will open its Fairview location in January. Eater notes that the "branch" is already seeking employees. The comfort-food restaurant is also expanding outside of Texas and will set up shop in Atlanta, Chicago and Denver next year.

After the recent grand opening of El Big Bad, its sister restaurant, El Gran Malo, has announced that it will move to a new location in the Heights this coming March, according to Eater. The owners of El Gran Malo, Lea McKinney and Steve Sharma, are currently looking for the restaurant's new home.

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