E.R. Bills: Texas Obscurities

Heads up, conspiracy theorists — here’s a little-known fact about Texas history: During the 1940s, scientists took bats from the Ney Caves and Devil’s Sinkhole in the Hill Country to develop as covert weapons during WWII. We’re not quite sure what the bats were supposed to do — maybe be scary alternatives to carrier pigeons — but author E.R. Bills can tell you about it during his signing of Texas Obscurities, a book detailing quirky but true stories about the Lone Star State. The book also details how the first ever all-woman state supreme court was formed in Austin in 1925. During the Depression, a utopian colony flourished in Kristenstad (near Granbury); newspaper articles at the time called it “a model farm-industry community” and “an experiment worth watching.” On the less enlightened side, a German priest was kidnapped, tarred and feathered in Slanton (near Lubbock) in 1922 in a fury of anti-German fervor following WWI. Bills talks about these and other episodes of Texas’s past.

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