The MasterMinds 2014 Winners Revealed

A photographer who has decided to take a panoramic view of the world, a choreographer and a group of musicians are this year's winners.

The group's recent tour included a stop in Detrick's hometown, York, Pennsylvania. "It was really gratifying for me to perform our Carnegie Hall program there. A lot of people saw me and my family do a similar program 15, 20 years ago."

Detrick says Apollo's focus opens the door to new ways of interpreting classical music. "All of us are classically trained at one of the top music schools, but if you just stay in your box, you can't reach people in any new and interesting ways."

One of the challenges the group continually faces is how to embrace music from various cultures in such a way as to be respectful of its origins and yet remain free to add their own interpretation.

Screwston bike polo at Blue Line Bike Lab.
Photo by Chuy Benitez
Screwston bike polo at Blue Line Bike Lab.
Shrimpboat, Port Isabel, Texas.
Photo by Chuy Benitez
Shrimpboat, Port Isabel, Texas.

"There has to be real respect for the music. We know that when people first hear about what we're doing, they think, 'Who are these fresh young kids coming in here? What are they trying to do?' But honestly, this isn't just about marketing. It's easy to go to a cultural organization and say, 'Hey, we're playing some folk music from your country and we'd like you to come to the concert.' The challenge then becomes how to give them something more than just a reworking of their folk music. With us, they'll hear folk music they may already know, but they are also going to hear something else that's built on the folk music. I hope we eventually win them over."

Along with a public concert schedule, the Apollo Chamber Players perform in a series of educational outreach activities for schools and neighborhoods. The program includes a discussion of the music, its composer and its history.

"There's a history to each piece and I find working on that is as important and as fun sometimes as working on the music because there are all these layers to the story behind the music and behind the composers. I really love learning about what a composer is doing at the exact time they're writing a piece because it gives you context. It can enrich your understanding of the music. Providing that information to an audience, that's nothing new. I just hope when we do it, it's on a more personal level.

"What I'm most proud of is being able to draw people into the concert hall that might not usually come to hear classical music."

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