One Couple's Trash Makes for Unabashedly Fun Work at Rice Gallery

El Ultimo Grito's Rice Gallery installation is anything but rubbish.

Feo and Hurtado did something similar when they made a temporary move to Berlin and needed a table for their studio: They simply took their piles of cardboard boxes and packing material and made one. It's the kind of thing that seems perfectly obvious when you're a kid but that you forget about when you become an adult. Feo and Hurtado are giving permission to grown-ups to reclaim the improvisations of childhood.

It's really refreshing to see something that is visually interesting and unabashedly fun. El Ultimo Grito's installation straddles design, art and architecture, but the artistic couple aren't the kind of people to worry about labels or genres. They just want to make amazing things, any way they can.

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