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107.5 FM is now the only classic-rock game in town.

The first thing you notice after downloading the app (I used the iPhone version) is its crisp and smooth design. A pop-up bubble interface asks you to narrow down your own personal music preferences before you even hear a single song, then shifts to an artist-building platform based on those selections. You'd be hard-pressed to see Drake grouped together with Rage Against the Machine, Lou Reed and Jerry Butler very often, but here we are.

Finally, the main screen tinkers with your own personal preferences with a variety of options like "Just for You," a library built selectively from your initial choices; selections and playlists from industry bigwigs and magazines; and a typical search according to genres and activities, so you'll never have to hear Steely Dan's "Do It Again" in an awkward moment at the gym. A "curators' tab" even highlights new songs, playlists and ­artists from some of the best experts in the ­music world.

But one of BeatsMusic's niftier aspects is the "Sentence" tab, which Mad Libs a scenario and gives you a song for it. For example, it's relatively tame when you start up the app: "I'm on the Streets and Feel Like Driving With Your Mom to Jazz." For the "quiet storm"-inclined, it can be configured to say, "I'm in Bed and Feel Like Getting It on With Myself to Rap." The playlists get so nuanced and synchronized that you wind up turning into a digital crate-digger, listening to songs that sampled one singular artist.

Peter Beste

Simplifications of certain aspects, such as saving those carefully manicured playlists, may be key in updates, but for an initial rollout, no music service has stepped on the block and forced its competition to figure out something new to keep its subscribers. BeatsMusic isn't looking for people to test out its flashy new product; it's looking for long-term commitments.

If Dre and Iovine have already hooked the world on their line of headphones, they may be even more serious in their ambitions to change how you listen to music in this aspect. The $10 fee is standard for all services, but compared to what the other streaming platforms offer, Beats may cause plenty of other streaming subscribers to make the switch.

Ask Willie D

Scared of Commitment
A reader thinks he's met the love of his life...but he's awfully young.

Dear Willie D:

Willie D, I need help. I am 19 years old and ever since I can remember, I have had no interest in having a girlfriend. I love women, but basically I never saw the point in being with just one.

The idea of being with someone exclusively scared the heck out of me until I met my current girlfriend. We have been together nearly a year. I love her; I really do. However, it scares me even more that I think I have met the girl I want to marry at 19.

The old me wants to break free and live it up, while the new me wants to stay with her. What do I do?

No Interest:

Don't overanalyze this. You're afraid because you're not ready. But you don't have to be ready. You're 19 years old. You have plenty of time to get serious and fall in love. I know it's easier said than done, but talk to your girlfriend and tell her how you feel. You never know; she might be having the same reservations.

Staying in a relationship out of obligation can be suffocating and can cause resentment on both sides. So take it slow and easy. When you're undoubtedly ready to be committed to one girl, wild horses couldn't drag you away.

Ask Willie D appears Thursdays on Rocks Off.

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