Foodie Words That Must Be Banished Now

Let's start with "foodie."

6. Chicken Harvest Salad at Adair Kitchen

If you crave summer flavors in your salad, then turn to Adair Kitchen's chicken harvest salad. It's so simple yet so scrumptious. As you dig into this butter lettuce-based salad, you'll find yourself trying to grab a piece of each ingredient for the perfect bite. If you can grab a forkful of walnuts, strawberry slices, ripe avocado chunks, crisp and sharp purple onions, crumbled goat cheese, and grilled chicken, then props to you! The sweet green dressing, made with herbs and olive oil, is the bow to the wonderful salad; it simply ties everything together.

5. Petaluma Salad at Barnaby's Cafe

Hey, they said it, not me.
Hey, they said it, not me.
Pita chips pair nicely with a salad made at Salata.
Molly Dunn
Pita chips pair nicely with a salad made at Salata.

Barnaby's is known for two things: its friendly and welcoming staff and its giant salads. Each salad comes piled high with toppings almost too intimidating to eat. But your taste buds always defeat your hesitancy to take the first bite because you're afraid you'll knock the whole salad onto the table. Out of all the salads, though, the Petaluma is always an excellent choice. It's a Tex-Mex version with just about every ingredient found in the cuisine's traditional recipes. Barnaby's uses a mixture of iceberg lettuce, red cabbage and romaine lettuce as the base for the insane amount of toppings: black beans, corn, stoplight bell peppers, Parmesan cheese, olives, cilantro, sliced tomatoes, pico de gallo, sour cream, guacamole and, finally, tortilla strips. This seems like a lot, and it is, but Barnaby's doesn't overwhelm the salad with too much of one ingredient; there is a perfect balance of each. Although the guacamole and sour cream serve as excellent substitutes for the dressing, you'll want to dip each bite in the chipotle ranch dressing for an extra-spicy kick.

4. Salad Bar at Whole Foods Market on Waugh

While each Whole Foods location has a salad bar, the one on Waugh is the best. The prepared-foods section in the Montrose Whole Foods is always buzzing with people grabbing lunch or dinner to go throughout the day, and we can see why. It's easy to make a simple salad with fresh shredded carrots, grape tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheese and croutons, but with the option to add black-bean hummus, golden raisins, cold quinoa salad, and a variety of olives and greens, you can make the most interesting salad possible. And next to the cold salad bar, you will find hot-food options to make a complete meal. The protein options vary daily, but you will often find grilled tilapia coated in a lemon or spicy tomato sauce, roasted chicken, and grilled tofu. Don't forget to top your salad with the sesame sticks; the crunchy toppers are ten times better than plain croutons.

3. Brussels Sprouts Salad at Backstreet Cafe

Even if you don't enjoy brussels sprouts, you'll fall in love with this salad. Backstreet Cafe makes sure to blanch the sprouts to soften them just enough to confuse your palate and make you think you're eating a soft, leafy green (such as bibb lettuce). The brussels sprouts are paired with arugula and endive, as well as red romaine lettuce, to create a heartier salad base. It's finished off with shaved Parmesan cheese and a light sun-dried tomato vinaigrette. Each bite is better than the one before, as the large pieces of Parmesan melt into the slightly warm brussels sprouts. We guarantee you'll be sad when it's all gone.

2. House Corned Beef Salad at The Grove

You might think this is a strange combination of flavors in a salad. But as you glance back at the menu, deciding what to choose, the house corned beef salad will keep coming back into your line of vision. The Grove takes an atypical salad protein, corned beef, and pairs it with warm roasted fingerling potatoes, crisp red onions, sharp crumbled Maytag blue cheese and a super-spicy (we're not kidding) chipotle ranch dressing. The tender and juicy corned beef sits beneath the greens along with the fingerling potatoes, allowing you to enjoy the best part with every single bite. Make a perfect combination on your fork with the corned beef, potato, blue cheese, red onions and greens coated in chipotle ranch; it's unlike any other salad you have ever had and a great change of pace from the traditional house or Cobb varieties.

1. MKT Salad at MKT Bar

Pop a squat at the bar inside Phoenicia Specialty Foods and order a glass of wine and the MKT Salad. This Mediterranean grocery store's bar offers one of the simplest salads on our list, yet each bite is so complex. Sweet halved grapes with crumbled pungent feta cheese, tiny cucumbers, mint and pistachios seem like plain ingredients on their own, but tossed together with a creamy lemon-garlic dressing similar to tzatziki sauce and crunchy toasted-pita chips, they become a refreshing salad bursting with Greek flavors. It may not look like much to the naked eye, but close your eyes with each bite and you'll be swept away to Athens.


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