Whether He Wants It or Not, the Media Circus Will Be Following Michael Sam

Michael Sam being gay may not be the reason NFL coaches don’t want him on their teams.

Unfortunately for Sam, that opportunity has come and gone.

In the wake of recent stories of horrific bullying in the Miami Dolphins locker room, it's a fair question as to just how ready an NFL locker room is for Michael Sam. Yes, there have been gay players before, but never a publicly gay player. How will this go?

"There will be teasing and practical jokes, the same way there is for guys for any number of reasons," said Johnson. "The only thing off limits is your kids. Other than that, guys joke and cut up on anything. As long as Sam isn't overly sensitive about that part of it, he will be fine."

Michael Sam, low in the draft.
Marcus Qwertyus
Michael Sam, low in the draft.

The NFL Scouting Combine came and went last week, and Michael Sam's performance was far from extraordinary. He ran a very pedestrian 4.91 40-yard dash, and didn't really wow the scouts in any of the drills.

All in all, it wasn't a great weekend for Michael Sam the football player.

The likely fallout from Sam's underwhelming performance in the drills was compounded by the size of the media throng at his press conference, which drew a crowd even bigger than Johnny Manziel's. It served as a reminder to NFL teams that many of them will interpret as a warning: Michael Sam the football player is still Michael Sam the gay football player, and wherever he goes, the circus is coming to town.

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