The Texans Have a New Coach and Have Cleaned House, Yet Rick Smith Is Still Around

Why is General Manager Rick Smith still with the Texans when others have been dismissed?

And that brings us back to Rick Smith.

Smith was hired as general manager of the Texans on June 5, 2006, a month or so after the 2006 draft. With last week's release of Daniels, Smith is now more tenured as a Texan than any member of the Texans' players' roster, except for Andre Johnson (who is on his own planet as a Houston Texan, and was here long before Kubiak and Smith arrived).

Think about that. Since June 2006, the offseason after a 2-14 season, every single person who has worn a Texans uniform (again, except Andre Johnson) has come or gone (or both) on Rick Smith's watch, the team has gone 61-67 and now we're right back where we started.

Rick Smith is the team architect — who catches none of the blame.
Aaron M. Sprecher
Rick Smith is the team architect — who catches none of the blame.
Owen Daniels was a team leader.
Aaron M. Sprecher
Owen Daniels was a team leader.

Right back at 2-14.

And the man who constructed this 2-14 atrocity is, for all practical purposes, now its most tenured football-related employee.

In the very first paragraph of Rick Smith's biography on the Texans' website, two things are made clear in the first two sentences: 1) He oversees all aspects of the Texans' football operations and 2) when he was hired on June 5, 2006, Smith inherited a two-win football team.

Nearly eight years later, amid constant change of the actual people around and below Smith, the end result hasn't changed at all.

It's 2014, and he still oversees all aspects of football operations for a two-win football team.

So I ask you now, why is Rick Smith still here?

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