Let's Cook Asparagus

Spring has sprung.

Burrow is consulting with the cocktail menu, and according to Moore, he is "going to crack the whip" with his training program. He will educate all the bartenders on how to create classic drinks but with a New Orleans influence.

"So basically the cocktail menu is going to be divided into two different categories," Mitchell says. "There's the New Orleans classics that are going to be a lot of stirred drinks, and some really great stuff like a classic Hurricane or a classic daiquiri, and then the original drink portion of the menu will be featuring dessert cocktails, and that's coming from the...I can't think of a creative way to talk about Justin Burrow's brain... Justin is a fantastic resource that we have to tap for creativity."

"In a bearded, surly kind of way," Toomey adds.

You don't need a fancy pan to cook asparagus.
Photo by John Kiely
You don't need a fancy pan to cook asparagus.
Asparagus doesn't have to be peeled, unless it's thicker than a pencil.
Photo by John Kiely
Asparagus doesn't have to be peeled, unless it's thicker than a pencil.

Mitchell also notes that The Honeymoon will have a wider selection of wines and bubbles — another thing downtown currently lacks. 

As far as the coffee program is concerned, Mitchell and Toomey explain that the focus is on a simplified and classic approach. The menu will include several coffee drinks found at Boomtown, and Boomtown's roasting facility will be relocated to The Honeymoon, giving them more opportunities to use a variety of fresh coffees each day. They've also purchased a "badass" espresso machine called The Slayer.

"Our focus, I think, is to not overdo ourselves and to just focus on what's inherently good in all of these ingredients we are using, and to, in a sense, to educate the masses, because, let's face it, we are going to get a lot of volume here, but we want to bring that kind of subculture specialty to downtown," Toomey says. "And across the board, not just with the coffee, but with the cocktails, too. You'll notice that there will be continuity between the simplicity of those drinks as well. And of course, we'll combine the two and have coffee cocktails that are some in-house originals, [and] some traditional, expected drinks."

In a way, Boomtown Coffee has come full circle after starting downtown just a block from 97 Franklin, moving to its current location on West 19th Street in the Heights, and re-establishing its roasting facility downtown at The Honeymoon.

To accompany the coffee and cocktail menus, The Honeymoon will serve breakfast and lunch and small plates throughout the evening. Amanda McGraw, formerly of Brasserie 19, is consulting on the food menu. The partners want to keep her around for as long as they can, but McGraw won't be the full-time chef.

"We are going to do mainly a breakfast and lunch menu," Mitchell says. "Just focus on high-quality ingredients for sandwiches and salads, and some other type of small plates, and then not really transition into a dinner menu; it's going to be more of a small bites, cheese plates, and we're going to do some plated desserts to try and capture the theater crowd. Say people are going to a 7 o'clock show and they have to go somewhere to wolf down dinner really fast and they don't have time for dessert. We want to be the place that people finish their night."

There's no official opening date for The Honeymoon yet, but the partners are shooting for sometime this spring. Mitchell says her fiancé and his peers who work downtown can't wait for The Honeymoon to open so they can leave their desks in the afternoon for a cup of coffee.

"We want to be a part of the revitalization of downtown, but also bring in the people who have always worked here and the theater crowd," Moore says.

Restaurant News

Openings & Closings
Do you want doughnuts with that ice cream?


The Daily Review Cafe closed due to water issues, according to the Houston Chronicle's Syd Kearney, but it seems as if things have been going downhill for the restaurant for a while. Recently, Yelp reviewers have been giving the River Oaks cafe many poor reviews, saying it was "awful all around" and that patrons waited nearly 45 minutes to be served their food. One reviewer even remarked that the Daily Review needs Food Network's Restaurant Impossible to help it with its struggles. There's no news as to whether the restaurant has closed for good or only temporarily.

Thanks to commenter justthefacts from last week's openings and closings report, we now know that Papa Joe's BBQ in Memorial City on Kingsride Lane has closed. The restaurant's website states that a Starbucks will be taking its place.

Waldo's Coffee House closed last summer but has been replaced by a new coffee shop from the same owners. Boulevard Coffee opened on Heights Boulevard last week and showcases an expanded patio for concerts and outside seating (it's dog-friendly, too) and a kitchen in which chef Steven Hernandez makes pastries, kolaches, cookies and sandwiches each day.

Hello Taco, a family-owned Mexican restaurant, opened on Grogan's Mill Road in The Woodlands on March 14. Hello Taco is a fast-casual restaurant serving a variety of tacos, burritos, tortas, quesadillas and bowls, all with a choice of chicken, shrimp, fish or carne asada. The flour tortillas and guacamole are made fresh daily.

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The chef at Boheme who got good reviews left recently; now it's the type of soulless place that hosts Culturemap mixers with guest Lexus dealerships in tow. Not good.