The Lessons of the Galveston Bay Oil Spill

It's not just dollars and cents that makes the Galveston Bay oil spill such terrible news

Perez's behavior was allegedly so awful that the president of the Network's Houston chapter emailed an apology to volunteers on March 24: "My sincere apologies go out to all volunteers that were involved in Sunday's debacle at the HHS Fun Run. Basically, our set up volunteers arrived and were verbally attacked and intimidated by the shelter manager of HHS, Edward Perez....We will never be involved with any HHS events again. There is nothing anyone there could say or do to make up for this man's behavior."

Edward Perez started from a baseline of hostile and then accelerated to intimidating.

It's hard for us at the Houston Press to get any information from the Houston Humane Society. That's because we wrote about a lawsuit – later dropped – filed by a former employee, who accused Perez of sexual harassment, among other things.

However, we were pleasantly surprised to at least get a non-statement about this hubbub from Ferguson herself: "The issue has been greatly distorted, blown totally out of proportion and has been resolved by the Executive Director of HHS and the President of THLN."

Lessons still go unlearned.
Lessons still go unlearned.

While Network Executive Director Rick Bousquet told volunteers in an email that "apologies were exchanged for any inappropriate comments or actions," Sara told us she never received an apology.

"I will be the first to say the incident on Sunday was very unfortunate and I wish I had been there myself, but without minimizing the situation or doubting our volunteers, this is a prime example of taking the high road and moving forward in the best interest of what we are all working for, and [that's] the animals of Texas," Bousquet wrote.

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