How Boston Is Taking Back Its Marathon

Hall of Fame runner Bill Rodgers talks the magic of the marathon.

Nothing could prevent him from contributing to the 2014 Boston Marathon in some way.

"I've been thinking about the 2014 Marathon all year and how committed we all are to what the Boston Marathon stands for," Rodgers reflected. "It's going to be a huge celebration."

Eventually next Monday, Rodgers's pace car will stop at the finish line, and it's there that he will settle in, watching everyone from close friends to perfect strangers achieve their goal of finishing Boston. They all have a story, all have a purpose and are all bound by a collective spirit unique to the long-distance running community.

Rodgers knows. This has been his sport for nearly five decades.

"It's really more than a sport," he says.

This year, in Boston, that's never been more true.

Marathon Man: My 26.2-Mile Journey from Unknown Grad Student to the Top of the Running World, by Bill Rodgers and Matthew Shepatin, 2013, St. Martin's Press.

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