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Food Trucks

Mobile Doughnuts
Get gourmet treats from Doughmaker Doughnuts.

Molly Dunn

Doughmaker Doughnuts makes beautiful gourmet creations.
Molly Dunn
Doughmaker Doughnuts makes beautiful gourmet creations.

There's a food truck for just about anything in Houston. Burgers and fries? You bet. Cupcakes and sweets? Heck, yeah. Mexican food? Of course! Asian food? Absolutely. Mexican-Asian fusion? No doubt. Doughnuts? Not so much.

If there's one thing the Houston mobile-dining scene lacks, it's breakfast options. More specifically, doughnuts. But thanks to Doughmaker Doughnuts, Houstonians have another local place to pick up gourmet offerings for their first meal of the day or for an early-afternoon snack (if the truck has anything left).

Doughmaker Doughnuts kicked off its first service a few weeks ago. It has set up shop at Watershed Market, Midtown Mobile Cuisine, Black Hole Coffee House and Mercantile in Montrose. The dark-gray food truck serves a variety of beautifully decorated doughnuts, as well as coffee and cold-press milks from local vendors. After a few visits, we've observed that the doughnut lineup is usually this: toasted coconut caramel, turbinado sugar cinnamon, blueberry lemon, orange blossom-honey pistachio, bourbon vanilla bean cardamom and salted caramel apple. They are yours for $2 each, and according to one of the food-truck employees, the doughnuts rotate between being baked and fried.

During my visit at Mercantile in Montrose, the truck was serving baked cake doughnuts only. After grabbing our Americano and latte (both fantastic espresso drinks) from the newest Mercantile location, my mom and I moseyed over to Doughmaker Doughnuts for our breakfast.

My all-time favorite flavor is blueberry cake, so I definitely wanted to try the blueberry lemon variety. The orange blossom-honey pistachio sounded appealing; the complex flavors of salty pistachios and tart orange glaze intrigued me, so we decided to try that one as well. And we chose the turbinado sugar cinnamon flavor because it seemed like a simple twist on a traditional cinnamon-sugar model. If each doughnut had cost less than $2, we would have tried all the flavors, but $12 seemed too much to pay for half a dozen doughnuts.

All the doughnuts are made from the same batter, which yields a soft yellow cake. I asked one of the workers why the doughnuts were yellow, but he didn't know the answer. Either it's a secret and he didn't want to share the information, or perhaps they're made like the ones from Round Rock Donuts — with fresh eggs from hens that produce yolks that are very yellow. But no matter the reason, these beauties are moist and sweet and pair well with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk.

I did wish the blueberry lemon doughnut had been blueberry cake, but the sweet and tart glaze is made from fresh blueberries and lemons, making it my favorite flavor. The orange blossom-honey pistachio variety is covered in an orange honey glaze topped with salty, crushed pistachios, which balance nicely with the light and refreshing flavors from the citrus glaze.

The turbinado sugar cinnamon variety was not our favorite. The sugar crystals on top were way too big, leaving you crunching on the overwhelming amount of sugar crystals rather than enjoying the soft cake. This doughnut's a beautiful specimen, but the cinnamon-sugar topping definitely needs some tweaking.

Doughmaker Doughnuts has been operating for only a few weeks, but it is making its presence known throughout Houston. Despite being a bit overpriced, the truck's offerings are tasty, and I know I will come back for the blueberry lemon cake variety: This new food truck did not disappoint me in how it made my favorite flavor.

On the Menu

Tableside Prime Rib Service & More
Liberty Kitchen & Oysterette has it all.

Mai Pham

I am always looking at pictures of food. One of my favorite pastimes, it's the reason why myTwitterandInstagram feeds(and now my Facebook feed) are crammed with photos of food and why I spend countless hours mentally drooling over pictures of what people are cooking or eating.

On a recent evening, I was doing exactly this when I saw a picture of chef Travis Lenig carving prime rib tableside at the fairly new (it opened in October) Liberty Kitchen and Oysterette. Though I'd been planning to visit for some time, at that point I hadn't yet been to the new River Oaks location.

That picture was all that was needed to seal the deal: I had to have it.

I called my girlfriend Amber at the last minute and made a reservation for that very evening — a Friday night — eager to embark on a prime rib eating spree. Call me naive, but I wasn't exactly prepared for the sight that greeted me. I arrived to a packed house, with stylish guests overflowing into the small landing space between the hostess stand and the front door. Not a seat was empty.

Amber and I, seated to the right side of the bar at one of the standalone tables, were smack dab in the middle of it all. I have to be in a certain type of mood to enjoy an atmosphere that's so lively. I'm more into intimate, one-on-one, low-key places where you can have meaningful conversation. But it was a Friday night, we were there for some girl talk and great food, and the fact that we had started things off with Veuve Clicquot and a dozen shucked oysters from the Northeast made for a very promising evening.

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