USDA, PETA Go After Dude Whose Primate Hit Great Day Houston Host

They claim Brian Staples is bad at the monkey business.

The Astros essentially need carriage by all providers across the entire network to have a chance at economic success. And the network needs to be on the same basic cable channel tier as the ESPN stable of networks, the Turner Networks, Fox Sports Net, the NFL Network and the MLB Network, but it can't offer the reach and depth of programming those networks do. ESPN was able to get carriage for The Longhorn Network by offering it at a very low cost, and with the costs for carriage of the other ESPN networks subsidizing its losses — FOX had to do much the same thing to get carriage for Fox Sports 1. But there is no other affiliated network that can make up for offering CSN Houston at a highly discounted price or that could be used to leverage a provider into carrying the network on a basic tier.

The USDA says Brian Staples ain't so good at the monkey business.
The USDA says Brian Staples ain't so good at the monkey business.

CSN Houston offers an ill-advised, poorly conceived network footprint that makes absolutely zero sense for its product. Yet the Catch-22 is that for the network to come close to any success, it needs carriage across this entire nonsensically designed footprint at non-highly discounted carriage rates. The result is bankruptcy, lawsuits, fans in the core of the market who are shut out of viewing, and worse, the loss of interest on the part of the casual fan.

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I would hope at some point in the future that exploiting exotic animals for entertainment will be illegal. It's just cruel.

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