From Sea to Shining Sea, Meet America's Worst Politicians

From Seattle to Miami and from Los Angeles to Boston, here are the bottom feeders of public office.

From Sea to Shining Sea, Meet America's Worst Politicians
Buttons by Alvaro Diaz-Rubio

It seems as if not a day goes by without more news that a politician somewhere in the Land of Liberty has done something disappointing. Sometimes it's a sound bite you can't believe any rational human being would say out loud; sometimes it's a scandal you can't believe an elected official thought he or she would get away with. Would-be, should-be positions held by our very best are often filled by people you wouldn't want dating your kids, let alone making important decisions about the future of our country. They're not limited to any location in this country; no, from coast to coast, these bad politicians make life a little bit worse for all of us, and you should know who they are by name. Read our feature story on the worst politicians in America to find out more.

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1.  ANDY WEINER AND BONER....Oops i meant "Boener"

2.  Slick Rick Dingleperry

3.  Gee Dubyuh

4.  Did I mention Rick DinglePerry?

5.  Ted "Gween Eggs And Ham" Elmer Fudd Crooz

6.  Slick Rick DinglePerry


As though politicians were not bad enough - consider all too many of our "captains of industry", who seem to make a hobby of intimidating and exploiting the vulnerable! Case in point: A prominent Houston real estate operator is attempting to extort money from my crippled, elderly husband, with threat of a fraudulent suit for $46,0000.00. He is falsely claiming that my husband signed a lease 5 years ago. We have obtained a copy of the instrument, with my husband's putative "signature" - forged in excess of six (6) times! (No witness to any of the signatures!) Who committed the forgery? Unknown! The two persons with a motive are apparently, either the real estate operator himself; or a former business associate of his.

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