Christmas in July: Tamarie Cooper Brings Us Another Summer Extravaganza at Catastrophic Theatre,

It wouldn't be summer in Houston without Tamarie Cooper.

Outside of a smokehouse, you won't find a more delectable ham than Kyle Sturdivant. Potted and completely his own parade, he's a great big inflatable toy — a force of theatrical nature. There is no one like him. As Arbor Day, he can turn an innocuous line of dialogue about "digging a hole...and trimming the foliage" into a sublime foray into the ridiculous, and as the most bootylicious Thanksgiving turkey who sings about the joy of being stuffed from behind, he brings a blush to the cheeks. With characterizations that are out of this world, he's the id gone wild.

In his trio of showstoppers — randy Easter bunny, pompous 4th of July blowhard and debauched Valentine's Cupid — Noel Bowers proves unstoppably funny. Jessica Janes gives Mother Earth razor-sharp lung power, then limns Tamarie's bored Gen X cousin Taylor with deadly deadpan. Christian Holmes is a juiced St. Patrick; John Dunn makes a wondrously Hee Haw racist of step-uncle Roy; Jeanne Harris raps a mighty hip-hopping Susan B. Anthony; and Mateo Mpinduzi-Mott is the politically incorrect Native American who meets Christopher Columbus. He gets one of the show's biggest laughs when he's wounded by the conquistadors and limps off stage, Oww, uh, uh, uh; Oww, uh, uh, uh...It's funny when you hear it, trust me.

Tamarie Cooper gets up close and personal with the Easter bunny.
Anthony Rathbun
Tamarie Cooper gets up close and personal with the Easter bunny.

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The Catastrophic Theatre

1119 East Freeway
Houston, TX 77002

Category: Theaters

Region: Downtown/ Midtown


A Very Tamarie Christmas

Through August 30. Catastrophic Theatre, 1119 East Freeway (Main Street at Naylor), 713-522-2723.

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It wouldn't be summer in Houston without a crazy-quilt vaudeville from Tamarie Cooper and those Catastrophic troopers on a sublimely goofy warpath. Superbly wrapped (thank you, Ryan McGettigan and Eric Marsh, for those '50s snowflakes and that colorful wash), Christmas is the best present ever. You don't even have to shake it to find out what's in it. It'll shake you.

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