10 Kristen Wiig characters that will be missed on Saturday Night Live

10 Kristen Wiig characters that will be missed on Saturday Night Live
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The 2012 season finale of NBC's Saturday Night Live was a sad one due to the exiting of seven-year cast member, comedienne Kristen Wiig. She had countless memorable characters from Sue to Gilly. Wiig also had many spot-on famous impressions including Lana Del Ray, Diane Sawyer, and even Taylor Swift.

Hopefully we will see her in many more movies or a successful television show in the future.

Michele Bachmann "Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's Response to the President's State of the Union Address - the Second Attempt" looks like it needs a 3rd, 4th, and 5th attempt. Plus, since she says it was done on a budget - was that budget $5? Nevertheless, this is more subtle physical comedy which fits her as an actress.

Sue Some of the best things that Kristen contributed to the show were her over-the-top characters. In the case of Sue, she's unpredictable. The best moment in this particular sketch is when Sue reacts to hearing about going out for ice cream.

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Katherine Hepburn Though the real Katherine Hepburn seemed pretty cool when she was alive, Wiig's portrayal of the famous actress is a bit more like Calamity Jane with rabies.

Penelope Penelope is a different kind of character than Wiig usually portrays. She's over-the-top, but somehow tries to stay discreet about it. That's what makes this character a classic.

Greta Van Susteren Wiig nails Van Susteren's unique voice in this sketch though she plays second fiddle to Donald Trump (played by SNL alum Darrell Hammond). Then again, with the cast of characters in this particular sketch, that's all you really can do. Still, she shines.

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