10 Pieces of Film History That Would Be Cool to Own from SyFy's Hollywood Treasure

10 Pieces of Film History That Would Be Cool to Own from SyFy's Hollywood Treasure

If you haven't watched Hollywood Treasure on SyFy, you are missing out on seeing some of the greatest Hollywood memorabilia of all time. The definitive version of Antiques Roadshow for film and pop culture junkies, it makes owning pieces of pop culture history seem more doable if you have the money.

Here are some of the things that would be pretty cool to own from the auction house featured on the show, called Profiles in History, and have as decor around the house -- if money was no problem and you wanted your house to look like an awesome museum.

10. The Back to the Future II hoverboards Hands down, the Back to the Future movies are one of the greatest film trilogies of all time. Though hoverboards still do not exist in real life, it would be pretty cool to own the ones that were used in the film, because they look like something any cool kid in the future would own. Who knows? Maybe in 2015 you can get them hover-converted.

9. Identity disc prop from Tron: Legacy Tron: Legacy continues the legacy that Disney has built with its relationship to technology and film. In the film, the identity disc is used in many key fight scenes as both a weapon and an identifier. Owning this would be like having the film come to life in your own hands.

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8. Whitney Houston's "Queen of the Night" dress from The Bodyguard When Whitney Houston died last February, everything of hers suddenly became valuable: records, concert T-shirts (one concert T-shirt from her 1991 tour is going for $150 on Ebay). Therefore, this costume, in all its grandeur, would be a pretty cool piece to have.

7. The original power lace sneakers Michael J. Fox wore in Back to the Future II Not to be confused with the limited-edition Nike Mags that were released in late 2011 to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation, these were the actual shoes that were worn by Fox in the film.

6. Walt Disney's headphones from the 1920s Without Walt Disney, there would be no special effects or animation as we know it. In 1928, Mickey Mouse made his onscreen debut. However, it wouldn't have been possible without Disney, who was also the original voice for the cartoon character. He probably used these headphones to record the voice of the famous mouse.

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