10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival

There's lots to see in and out of the water at the 10th Annual Dragon Boat Festival. The boats themselves are rather tame, just a small dragon head and a bit of a fiery tail at either end of a 40-foot-long Hong Kong-style boat carrying a crew of 22, including a drummer. The water will be filled with teams in colorful uniforms trying to take the title.

On land, lion dancers in vibrant, fur-trimmed costumes, drum teams and masked characters will take their turns at performing. A host of local newscasters will act as emcees, including Shern-Min Chow and Miya Shay. 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Allen's Landing, 1001 Commerce Street. For information, call 832-971-7524 or visit www.texasdragonboat.com. Free.
Sat., May 1, 2010


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