10th Big Range Dance Festival

Sixteen dancers turn an empty store in West Oaks Mall into a postmodern performance space for the 10th Big Range Dance Festival. The location was once a JCPenny store, but with today’s show, Afternono, a premiere by Houston’s Jennifer Wood and Suchu Dance, the immense space will become an atypical stage. Gone are the theatrical lights, stage curtains and, more important, the distance between the audience and the dancers.

Afternono’s opening-night performance is followed by three varied programs, which include Alex Soares’s Give Up the Power and Karl Rogers’s After Hours. The works incorporate video projection, animation, live camera feeds, spoken word, original music and adapted scores that feature clips from film soundtracks. See Afternono at 8 p.m. on June 1. West Oaks Mall, 1000 West Oaks. Other programs and locations vary. Through June 16. For a full schedule, visit www.tenyearsofdance.org.
Fri., June 1; Sat., June 2; Sun., June 3; Sat., June 9; June 11-16, 2012


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