A Clockwork Orange

Cinephiles and movie critics will tell you Stanley Kubrick's 1971 A Clockwork Orange is a landmark film because of its dark, satirical adaptation of the science fiction novel by Anthony Burgess. Ordinary moviegoers will just tell you it's strange as hell. In a futuristic Britain, charming and hyper-violent Alex (Malcolm McDowell) is sent to prison (he's not a good guy). Once inside, he volunteers for reprogramming, which supposedly eliminates his penchant for violence. Then he's released back out into society...with decidedly varying results. Today's screening is part of the Macho Man Mondays series. 7:30 p.m. Alamo Drafthouse/Mason, 531 South Mason Road, Katy. For information, call 281-492-6900 or visit www.drafthouse.com/mason. $6.
Mon., May 17, 2010


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