A Poor Plan

While film buffs cried blasphemy when media mogul Ted Turner announced plans to colorize Citizen Kane, underground film fans cheered when Legend Films colorized Plan 9 from Outer Space. Director "Ed Wood's cheap set designs look even worse," gushed one poster on the Mystery Science Theater 3000 message board. This is because Plan 9 is the anti-Kane. While fans analyze Citizen Kane scene by scene to better appreciate its greatness, Plan 9 reminds viewers of its shabbiness every minute. Some "highlights" from the 1959 sci-fi turkey: tombstones that wobble as zombies escape the grave, visibly stringed UFOs that cast shadows on the backdrop of "space," and the replacement of the lead actor, who died before the production's end, with the director's wife's chiropractor - with a cape obscuring his face so audiences wouldn't notice. (They did.) Colorization has only added to the inadvertently hilarious nature of the infamous so-bad-it's-good movie.
Aug. 4-5


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