A Queer Carol

The main gist of A Queer Carol should be obvious from the title — it’s a gay-themed retelling of Dickens’s tale, for GLBT theater-lovers or anyone who’s just plain over Tiny Tim and his stupid little crutch. But this is a retelling that does more than just tweak gender roles. Joe Godfrey’s sarcastic-yet-sweet version, staged here by Unhinged Productions, is a touching tale about the lives of contemporary gays and lesbians — if there were ghosts around, of course.

Joe Angel Babb, artistic director for the group, says, “It is completely different and yet honors the original story. It’s relevant and not just a reworking of the same old thing.” Some things do stay the same. “There’s still three ghosts, and Scrooge is still as stubborn as ever,” says Babb. But it’s set in 2010. We’re introduced to Ben Scrooge, who’s adrift after the death of Jake Marley, his partner in life and in an interior design business in modern-era New York City. The ghosts who visit our self-hating, cheapskate hero include Marilyn Monroe and a flamboyant drag queen, but the show’s not all sass and stereotypes: Tim, Bob Cratchit’s partner, has AIDS, and stingy boss Scrooge won’t provide insurance. Pride, tolerance and equal rights, it turns out, were part of Dickens’s Christmas message. 8 p.m. December 10. Through December 20. Frenetic Theater, 5102 Navigation. For a full schedule, call 832-250-7786 or visit www.comeunhinged.com. $20.
Fridays, Saturdays. Starts: Nov. 26. Continues through Dec. 20, 2010


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