A Strange Land

Most venues would consider a lineup of two punk bands, a group of '70s-style rockers and a troupe of indie rock and classical music enthusiasts to be the epitome of eclecticism. Luckily, Super Happy Fun Land specializes in eclecticism. It's the only venue in town where concertgoers can be assured of a diverse lineup. Case in point: Tonight the SHFL stage will feature New York City's Juniper Sky and Houston's own Econo, who will satisfy Warped Tour fans, as well as locals Dirty Leg, who drum up a vintage rock vibe for those who can't get enough of their parents' vinyl. The evening will end on a relaxing note as Bethlehem, Pennsylvania's Brrr slows things down with its pleasingly mellow repertoire of indie rock and classical music, which should provide a perfect cool-down session for all the moshers who haven't left.
Mon., Aug. 14, 8 p.m.


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